WV/MD/PA/OH: Nightfall wants to start a game day, (in Morgantown, WV)


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Yeah folks I figure if everyone else can start a gameday, why not yours truly. Obviously I'll be open to months and I'd certainly be willing to find us some place where lots of people can congregate. But for now I need to know if anyone is interested in either a) just having a normal game day or b) a bunch of different games going on at once. Not just D&D or Scarred Lands. :) But believe me, I plan on having a Scarred Lands game for everyone IF any one is interested.

Just thought I'd start. So far my days and nights are pretty open. Let me know folks! nighttfall@yahoo.com
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morgantown, wv???

are you setting up a True Dungeon in one of the mines?

sorry, mang. but that is a little too far for me to travel. good luck, though.


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No but considering a) there are two major Interstates and b) a couple hotels, I figured I might get some people.

Maybe I should try Pittsburgh instead. :p


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Well maybe this year, (or perhaps 2007) we might do better. :p :) I mean it's not far for people in Pittsburgh to come down here... Is it?

*is only suggesting Morgantown is a) he lives here and b) can probably find places to have a gathering some how...*

What about it Crusader? You and me! We can start our own game day! :p :)


I had a friend that went to college in Mo town, I would visit him there occasionally. If you get the details hammered out let me know and I may join you.


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So far the only details we got are: Crusader will probably come. Plus it will be in Morgantown. Probably during the summer. (since I'll be out of town by the start of 2007.)


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Being from Loudoun County, it certainly wouldn't be too far for a trip to the "frontier". ;)

Consider me most definitely interested! :D I could be convinced to run a WFRPv2 scenario!


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Yay! :) Two people! Well now all I needs a third and maybe we can do something!

Thanks guys!

Crusader, hey look! We got two people! ;)


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Come on folks! I know that in a world of 3 billion or so people, there has to be a few more than 4-5 interested in coming to Morgantown! Please?

5 bucks.


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Hey Nightfall, have you ever been to the Pittsburgh Comicon? It's a 3 day event, usually in April, and I'm sure tons of gamers will be there. What if we coordinated a gameday with the Comicon in some way? We'd have plenty of players then. Just a thought.

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