[yb] Meowth wants you!


Tired of the same old boring humdrum of 'Signature Styles'? Tired of the security and solace found by having levels of dishonor? Well! Maybe the path of villainry is for you! Reowth! You get benefits like ... Dirty Tricks (see picture of Gamera kneeing Godzilla in groin), Sneaky Tricks (see picture of Gamera strategically relocating fight to Volcano by use of flying turtle tactics!), Stylish controller regions (see Gamera beating people up who don't pay their security insurance at the volcano)! Join now and get this spiffy mark too! See! It says Team Rocket! If you are up for a life of excitement and challenge! Head to your nearest recruitment office and ask for Meowth!


[ was going to wait till html was re-enabled to post this, but oh well :) ]

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