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Berandor said:
I think a sash should have the option to buy a draw only at 0 of the respective tier; she shouldn't be able to remain one win short of "leveling up" all the time.


Well - I don't mind it for one reason - that yen will start to add up, especially at the higher tiers. A 2nd tier sash should only be making on the average of 2-4 yen per fight that they lose - assuming they want to use 2 of that for bribing judges and they still lose, they are left with no profit unless they win.

The third tier sash has no profit making ability that the second does not have, but it cost them 3 yen not to go down a level and they can easily spend 4 yen on bribing judges in a fight. The sash are not forced to hoard yen to advance, but if they spend all their yen not to go down in ranks, they will soon not have any money for bribing judges and will be at a disadvantage.

The next two tiers gain crowd pleaser which should increase their income, but now it is costing 4 and 5 yen not to go down a rank - combined with bribing judges, you are looking at 8-9 yen a match if they lose and don't want to drop a rank. IMO a smart sash will probably not use yen every time he loses to prevent dropping

As for other fighters having yen - it does need a purpose - thus standardized items...

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