(YB) Sidhe Li vs. George

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Oh, sorry :(
I missed your post, Geroge.

"A kicking snake is hard to see,
even at a cemetery,
against a gliding wolf it's tough,
but I think it's still enough."

ROUND 9: Point to RedNeckGeorge, 1 flag rng, 1 flag neutral


First Post
George reaches down and picks up a board with a nail protruding out of one end. Then swings and smacks sid right square in the rear with it. When he lets go of it the board is stuck on Sid's backside.

"Now don'ts thunk thats a gift. I be wantin that there board back when yous dun." George says a bit cocerned that Sid might try to steal it.

The veiled tiger nails the dungeon; dodges the onslaught of the sunflower!


Sidhe Li

Sidhe Li pulls out the board laughing. "Oh my, my teachers used to make us sleep on beds of such things as these. The memories you do bring back for me!"

He craks the board in one hand and pulls the nail out with the other and then flicks it like a thorn into George's fleshy arm.

[size="2.5"]The thorn strikes the foothills; removes the efforts of the steel![/size]

[size="2.99"]Sidhe Li: Son of Wicht
Master of the Vine and the Blizzard
Green Belt 0, 6-7 (dojo 2-2); (6 yen)


"The thorn of Sidhe Li blocks steel
I must admit this move has a very good feel
But in the end, dodging a flower
and nailing a dungeon still has more power."

ROUND 10: Point and Match to redneckgeorge!!!

"You have won the yellow belt at last
your ascendance did not take too fast
but even though it took a while
now you gained you signature style!"
You can join a school, or gain the sig style of tigre.
You are now Yellow Belt 0, with a record of 1-2.
Of course, you can also become a blue belt warrior with the power of Holy Day.
Or, you can take the dark road and become a Dirty bastard with the power of Dirty Trick.

Sidhe Li:
"You lost a fight, but not the war
your belt will stay with you some more
Although your friends regard you wary
One loss is not exactly scary"
You are now a green belt disgraced 1, with a record of 7-7.

Good night!


First Post
OOC: Good fight. When you build my outhouse can you post it in my not so mobile home park. Thanks. Also I will be taking the path of DB 0.
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