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Wicht said:
You know - now that the rules are done, I'm really excited about playing YB again
So am I. I haven't really played in the last couple weeks, just because the game wasn't really balanced well. As a Sash at such a high level, there just wasn't any balance left, and it wasn't really all that fun.
It'll be nice to start over with better thought out paths.

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We you guys make a new registration you got to make sure you update the FAQ links.

So does the switch happen at Midnight on the 4th?


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lol! I didn't think of that. It's going to be wild

Everyone is going to challeging each other and hardly anyone to judge the matchs.
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I'll happily fight and judge at the same time when I'm on and since I spend about 6 hours a day on the boards on weekdays and more on weekends I'll have plenty of time . Though it will get hectic if we end up with 4 judges running around judging 12 matches between them.


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you mean the character that i'm just starting will be erased? ha... at least i've started up at the right time... this is just what i need to do during work... of course since i'm in HK i'll have to catch most of the messages in the morning :)


Not at Midnight eastern - more like 8 a.m. eastern. I go to bed around midnight.

by the by did you mean to spell midnight the way you did or is it just subconscious :)

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