(YBA-Rules) Initiative


It recently came to my attention that due to three powers in particular, initiative needed to be codified, so here goes

In any round, the normal rule is that those with the lowest natural hits or lowest CR post their moves first and those with the highest natural hits and highest CR post their hits last.

The exception to this is the fighter or monster with the dirty trick. In such cases the fighter or fighters with dirty trick post after those without. If more than one fighter has a useable dirty trick, post in order of CR or natural hits from lowest to highest.

Dirty tricks will erase all moves posted earlier in the round with one exception. Chair shots are unaffected by dirty tricks if posted first and still count for their 1 damage. A fighter who has been shoved already may not afterwards post a dirty trick in that round.

Shoving a fighter will normally cancel out a move already posted with the exception of chair shot. Chair shots are unaffected by shoves if posted first and still count for their 1 damage. A fighter who has been already shoved may choose to shove another but that is their only choice of action.

Chair shots, as has been noted, always take precedence and may not be canceled if posted first. A person hit with a chair shot may still attack someone other than the one using the chair shot if they have not yet posted and must still post a defensive move if there are other fighters attacking them.

Powers posted as used before being canceled by a shove, dirty trick or chair shot are lost for the current fight.

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