D&D 5E YOU are pitching the next big WotC Adventure. What is it???


He / Him
You have been asked by WotC to pitch the concept for their next big adventure.

What is it?

What is the genre? What are the main villains? What levels will it be?

Feel free to suggest ideas you think would be successful, or ideas that just match your own personal preferences!

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A seafaring adventure that pivots into sky pirates around level 6-8, and then pivots into Spelljammer-esque interplanetary/interplanar adventures around level 10-12.

Each of these pivot points is a major sub-adventure in a dungeon or city, breaking up the sailing sections so they don't become repetitive.


The Rod of Seven Parts, but across the D&D multiverse with every part being in a very different world.
I am running this right now - twice. Once with my old group, and once with my new group. For the old group, they're in different Prime Material Planes. For the new Group, a couple are in the Prime, and the rest are in the Shadowfell, the Feywild, Ethereal, Hells and my Sigil.

The Glen

6 part Adventure. The first five are all set in different worlds and you play a different character in each Adventure. You got one set in greyhawk, one Adventure in Mystara, 1 in dragonlance, Birthright and dark Sun. Every Adventure you create a new party. The last adventure each person take one character from each of the settings and you all travel to planescape to chase down the villains who have been assembling the McGuffin of power.

The ultimate culture shock as all of the PCS at the end get introduced to a bunch of people they have to work with but have no understanding of their world


He / Him
I like the idea of a few isolated city-states that have become politically fraught because of the harmful forces of a nearby dungeon. Adventures could include politics and exploration, but always centered around one of several interconnected dungeons.

As the characters get more powerful, they start managing their own land, becoming influential members of one city-state, and managing alliances or wars with the others.

I feel like the Githyanki-Githzerai-Illithid war has not really been explored fully in an adventure (as in, for any edition)? Correct me if I'm wrong. It offers up a lot of potential and would obviously involve astral sea, possibly sigil or other outer planes, etc.

Similarly, a reimagining of 2e Tales from the Infinite Staircase would be great as a collection of shorter planar adventures.


B/X Known World
Pirates of the Astral Sea. Kinda self-explanatory. You're pirates. You're in the Astral Sea. Go.

The Death of a Sorcerer-King. Dark Sun AP. You either go back and have the PC responsible for Kalak's death or you pick another sorcerer-king to topple. Take the PCs from freshly captured slaves to escaped slaves to freedom fighters to sorcerer-king killers...whether they're liberators or new tyrants is up to them.

Descent into the Hollow World. Known World / Mystara AP. People on the surface hear rumors of the Hollow World and get ideas. They then explore the connections between the worlds and start delving further than anyone's delved before.

Hunt for the Spelljammer. Uh...a Spelljammer AP. Where you start in space and stay in space. Ignore the established settings with their limited planets and go full-on D&D in SPAAAACE!!! It's a road trip / scavenger hunt / mystery.

Return to the Chaos Scar. Nentir Vale AP. Pull together the Chaos Scar adventures with the various Nentir Vale moduls and you could have a massive sandbox ready to go. Start in Fallcrest with any one of a hundred plot hooks connecting to the various mini-adventures presented in Dragon or some of the full adventures published for 4E.

In Defense of Maztica. Maztica AP. A grand reverse dungeon / reverse hexcrawl / reverse West Marches. Instead of the typical D&D PCs as thinly-veiled conquistadors, the PCs play the native Maztican and have to defend their lands from the invading foreigners. Politics, intrigue, resource management, and mass combat.

Ascension of the Grand Caliph. Al-Qadim AP. The PCs have various connections to the court of the Grand Caliph in Huzuz and it starts as a bit of courtly intrigue before the Grand Caliph dies and the PCs have to investigate whether he was murdered. Due to various machinations the new Grand Caliph is a woman and the PCs have to defend her and her newfound power as she tries to bring much needed reforms to the Land of Fate.

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