D&D 5E YOU are pitching the next big WotC Adventure. What is it???

I would probably rework and expand my Sky Raiders of Eberron campaign. The players start out as convicted criminals on a prison transport, who are helped to escape in order to pull of a heist. The heist turns out to be a frame job for the murder of a high ranking church (of the Silver Flame) official and the PCs are forced to try and uncover a network of corruption and lies, and eventually prevent a war, all the while on the run from the authorities.

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The Return of Tharizdun:
A layered campaign set in Greyhawk with characters pitted against the Cult of Tharizdun, including “Return To...” style updates to both Temple of Tharizdun and Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. Using Drelzna as a mid-ranking villain could lead to deploying Iggwilv and Graz’zt later in the campaign, with sickly purple tendrils permeating throughout.


Background research: what are the best-quality -and- most popular -and- fondly remembered adventures set in Ed Greenwood's Cormyr and the Dales?
Haunted Halls of Eveningstar (northern Cormyr; Ed Greenwood)
Doom of Daggerdale (Wolfgang Baur)
Four from Cormyr (the definitive Cormyr adventure book IMHO)
"Elminster's Back Door" (Shadowdale; Ed Greenwood)
"Beneath the Twisted Tower" (Shadowdale; Ed Greenwood)

"The Raiders of Galath's Roost" and "Woe to Mistledale" (Mistledale)

And I'm a huge fan of the trilogy of adventures that served as the capstone for the 3.5e Realms, Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave; Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land; Anauroch: The Empire of Shade.

Not an exhaustive list, just off the top of my head.

I have a soft spot for aberrations. And urban adventures. So I'd love something that combines them. The Xanathar chapter from Dragon Heist was almost what I want -- an appetizer, if you will.

The Goblin Slayer shows up and you must help the poor sad little helpless goblins who are so cute and fun survive his mad rampage through their caves.

The Goblins end up betraying you because they are in fact evil.


A catastrophic flood sent by an enraged God is coming to doom the planet and all whom inhabit it. The PC's have several choices, perish in the waters; try and wait the flood out by building a big ship, or defeat the God.

Enemies can include worshipers of the angry God, beasts of the wild who feel an unease in the forces of nature, putting them on edge, as well as those who mock the prophesies of a catastrophic flood coming to such a level they get combative. And, in later stages encounters can include folks trying to steal your resources as they impending waters come crashing down, as well as folks trying to take the ship.



A low-magic world defends against invasion from a world with higher technology (but even lower magic).

Level Up!

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