You Can Now Pre-Order My Little Pony TTRPG

Renegade Game Studios--from whom you can get Hasbro licensed Transformers, GI Joe, and Power Rangers tabletop RPGs--now has a My Little Pony game (also Hasbro) up for pre-order with a Q3 2022 release. Also available are a GM Screen, dice, a dice bag, and a limited edition core rulebook with a foil cover.

The other games use Renegade's in-house system, Essence20. It's not clear if My Little Pony does also.


Friendship is Magic!

In the My Little Pony Roleplaying Game, players craft their own custom pony character to use in their storytelling game of friendship and magic, as they combat various Threats and other problems in Equestria and beyond throughout their adventures, led by their Game Master. The Game Master can use pre-written adventures (in the Core Rulebook and supplements) or use adventure hooks presented in the book to create all new stories for the players to enjoy.

  • Create your own unique My Little Pony
  • Full rulebook for running your own My Little Pony Roleplaying Game
  • One Gamemaster leads the story with a group of players
  • Contains introductory adventure for new team
  • Full color hardcover book with 304 pages with ribbon bookmark
Book Summary:
  • Full Color, Hardcover Book
  • Satin Ribbon Bookmark
  • Ages 13+

Hasbro has a range of other brands; most wouldn't be suitable for a TTRPG, but there are certainly some that would work.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Lawyer by day. Rules lawyer by night.
Considering my 7 year-old is primed and ready for TTRPGs (and my 3 year-old is an expert dice tower architect), I'm sold.

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