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D&D General You meet in a tavern (Town battle mats Kickstarter)


Loke has their new Kickstarter up, and it is almost funded already:

Towns and Taverns


I‘ve backed their previous campaign and they do a great job, in terms of quality and sticking to their schedule.

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Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
Woah, that was fast. I was one of the first backers, and now just a few hours later they've almost met their third stretch goal.

Tabletop gaming accessories are crushing it on Kickstarter. Tanner Yarro's "Infinidungeon" battle mat was also funded in less than a day. Now it's 4,500% funded with 26 days to go.


The ’state of the art‘ for table tools is fantastic, these days.

When I started we couldn’t even get a range of fantasy minis with any kind of certainty!

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