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D&D General Your favorite low-stat character


I remember creating a 3E NPC called the Minor Mage. He was a Ftr 2 / Wiz 5 / EK 10 or thereabouts who had had his Int reduced to 1. But he had a Belt of Heroism +6 and a +5 Inherent Bonus to Int and managed a +2 Insight bonus too, so he could cast spells up to 4th level. He had metamagic feats aplenty so he could make good use of his high level slots. He just wanted a Wish to reverse the effect.

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Dungeon Crawl Classics. I had a warrior with a 6 INT and 6 Dex. Str and Con were reasonable. Char also bit low. I decided that she had been turned to stone for over 100 years. Magic restored her, but hadn't quite worked fully, so she moved stiffly and thought slowly. She survived the funnel and made it to a decent level. Still alive, but we aren't playing anymore.


Tell your take of your favorite character with a really low stat!

Mine is character in a one-shot Gamma World game I ran back in the days of d20. We rolled randomly for stats, and the player got a 3 in Strength. We rolled randomly for mutations, and the player rolled a Super Rage that gave him +5 to Strength! So normally this character was walking around with the muscular mass of a squirrel, but when he got really MAD he gained the strength of a child!
Some of the 1E Dragonlance characters were horrible. Raistlan and Tika come to mind as favorites with terrible stats. Raistlan had I think 7 hp at 3rd level.

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