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Your favorite TV/movie fight scene


Well, that was fun
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Rules: you may choose only one. You must include a YouTube video of it. You have to say why.

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The Bride vs the Crazy Eighty Eight. Really the fight before with Gogo Yubari and the Lady Snowblood-esque duel with O-Ren after, too.

Why? It‘s beautifully designed. The Bride in yellow riding leathers, the masked salarimen (and women), perfect music, all of it updating a classic teahouse fight right out of King Hu. And it makes no attempt at realism. None. The final confrontation with O-Ren appears to take place in a chambara snow globe.

I know its’s all ripped off from a bunch of other movies. I don’t care. You can’t make art without breaking a few eggs you stole…
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock

The Fight Choreographer in Banshee earned every penny they made. The fights were brutal and realistic, and never rushed. Plus, they always showed a narrative development within the fight. Jackie Chan may be more fun to watch, but this fight always caught the visceral grittiness for me.

The Lizard Wizard


Oops, I missed the rules…
Greatest sword fight of all time from the greatest movie of all time.
(Apologies it’s not a clip, didn’t trust myself to not mess it up)
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Blistering Barnacles!
Agree on some scraps from Daredevil, they have a distinct feel to them - exhausting and old school back alley style.

Have to admit, this is first thing that came to mind though. Indy’s weariness, wobbly legs when he gets clocked, the wave off ‘gimme a sec, would ya?’ Just all of it. Bad guys in truck , Marion using the machine gun , the music, constant raising of the stakes, just classic stuff !
Runner up is previous scene Indy on the truck and getting dragged underneath , bad guy getting thrashed back and forth then thrown out, under the truck, etc. never gets old!

watched again, believe he uses action surge just before big bad gets wiped out by prop 😆
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Level Up!

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