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ZEITGEIST ZEITGEIST in legacy character builder


I am coding some XML to work with the Legacy Character Builder to add ZEITGEIST items.

I am not here to discuss the methods you need to get this to work, that information can be found online on other websites.

The current version of the file can be found: Zeitgeist.part UPDATED: 7/29/2011

An example character:Fendran the Zeitgeist Elf Hunter

If you see a bug or something that should be added to the 'to do' list let me know.


Firearm Expertise
Weapon Proficency (Musket)
Weapon Focus (Firearms)
Two-Fisted Shooter
Drow Fighting Style
Firearm Caster
Ruthless Hunter
Harrowing Swarm Captain
Harrowing Swarm Scout
Harrowing Swarm Stalker
Harrowing Swarm Student
Leaf Runner Pathfinder
Leaf Runner Sneak
Leaf Runner Sniper
Leaf Runner Student
Silent Shot Huner
Silent Shot Phantom
Silent Shot Student
Treetop Sniper
Steady Shooter
Bow Mastery
Deft Aim
Spell Commander
Unseen Hand
Cloaked Sniper
Rogue added Pistol Proficency
Hunter added Firearm Expertise option
Agonizing Shot
Animate Arbalester
Arterial Slice
Assassin's Point
Back on Target
Bewildering Assault
Biting Assault
Biting Repositioning
Blinding Barrage
Bolt from Nowhere
Bounding Assault
Bounding Escape
Burst Fire
Cagey Killer
Cloud of Steel
Compel the Craven
Confounding Attack
Courage Breaker
Covering Volley
Daunting Barrage
Dazing Double Shot
Defensive Volley
Deft Strike
Demoralizing Shot
Dimming Blow
Disheartening Strike
Distracting Shot
Distracting Wound
Dragon Tail Strike
Easy Target
Enforced Threat
Entrapping Arrows
Excruciating Reminder
Fang and Web Strike
Feinting Flurry
Fell the Strong
Final Blow
Fitting Demise
Fleeting Spirit Strike
From the Shadows
Glaring Wound
Gloaming Cut
Go for the Eyes
Guerrilla Blitz
Guild Beatdown
Hectoring Strike
Hounding Assault
Hounding Strike
Immobilizing Strike
Impact Shot
Killer's Ambush
Killer's Eye
Killer's Gift
Killing Storm
King's Castle
Knave's gambit
Leaves of Steel
Lingering Revelation
Lurker's Assault
magnetic Shot
Maiming Strike
Marked Beating
Mind-Boggling Onslaught
Moving Target
No Escape
Not it
Painful Puncture
Perfect Shot
Perfect Sniper
Perfect Strike
Pinning Arrow Rain
Powerful Shot
Quick Shot
Raining death
Ricocheting Strike
Rogue's Luck
Rogue's Recovery
Rogue's Resurgence
Safe Bet
Scattering Shot
Shadow Steel Roll
Shadow Strike
Shadow to Shadow
Shap Shot
Sight-Stealing Shot
Skip Shot
Slaying Strike
Sly Flourish
Snake's Retreat
Stab and Shoot
Staggering Assault
Steel Entrapment
Stupefying Violence
Sudden Bolt
Surprising Assault
Swift Strike
Thousand Arrow Awareness
Tornado Strike
Treachery's Reward
Trick Strike
Trickster's Blade
Unbalancing Shot
Uncanny Ricochet
Unerring Shot
Veiled Missile
Vexing Sting
Vicious Slash
Walking Wounded
Wicked Reminder
Wounding Strike
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Fixed the Vekeshi Mystic power issue.

Finished all the feats. Finished paragon paths features (not the powers associated with paragon paths yet).

I am working my way through the powers, this will take the longest.


Ragged idiot in a trilby.
Awesome. Thank you for doing this.

I think you've got the damage dice for the musket wrong - listed as a D8, should be a d10.


Awesome. Thank you for doing this.

I think you've got the damage dice for the musket wrong - listed as a D8, should be a d10.

Your correct. The item itself is listed as 1d8 in the description. But in the equipment table and on the power card it is listed as 1d10. I will correct this in the next push. Almost done with the powers, although I haven't checked them to see if the way I am fixing them will work.


I updated the Hunter , and Rogue classes.
All the crossbow powers are updated.

Unfortunately I was not able to get the power to work correctly with AppendNodes, instead i used RulesElement. This means if the powers are updated or changed by another mod this could complicate things, later on.

UPDATE: oh no just ran into a bug, i will work on it later, it has to do with purchasing Firearm Ammunition.
UPDATE: fixed the error, there was a duplicate name.
UPDATE: I linked an example character.
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Humongous thanks to the OP, this will help a lot. I wonder how many players of 4ed know about that little program-which-should-not-be-named...
This .part seems to be based on original player's guide and not the expanded version (i.e. no theme powers apart from the 1st level), but I think I'll be able to update it, it's still WAY easier than to write it from scratch

NOTE TO MOD: could you please add Zeitgeist thread icon to this? I found this thread completely by accident, because it's not listed when searching for all "Zeitgeist" threads
UPD: thanks
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I've sent you a PM with some info about the program in question. Perhaps these exact materials should not, in fact, be stickied, despite being very useful both for players and DMs...

Regarding other fan materials, some links are given in Resources section of the main web site, maybe a separate thread, which compiles them, can be created?

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