2E [M&M2e] Red Sands Chronicles: Dramatis personŠ
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    [M&M2e] Red Sands Chronicles: Dramatis personŠ


    * * * * * *

    Dramatis personŠ: The Protaganists
    Aeaxeos, the Spartan guardman - Blackrat
    Deezy Klatta, the spunky mech monkey - Shayuri
    James Fauntleroy Featherston-Smythe, the gentleman sorcerer - Padreigh
    Sahid Yetemar, The Ottoman - An immortal who seeks to be a legend. - Voda Vosa
    Seif al Mariam, mutant sword of the bitter sea - Binder Fred
    Brian Shaughnessy, psionic thermo-mancer - JKason

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    Dramatis PersonŠ: Martians
    Commander Agis: Senior Commander of the Spartan Guard the Olympian city-state.

    Daniel Saint James: Explorer Extraordinaire, deceased.

    Lord Raymond Burroughmeister: Vice Chairman of Victoria Town's Grand Martian Union Local 310. He is an elderly, capricious man of modest wealth and is known for his exorbitant tastes. Lord Burroughmeister is a member of the Merchant's Guild.

    Premier Verne Gibson: Premier of the Great Martian Union and overseer of Victoria Town's Grand Factory. Premier Gibson is a stout man who is many consider to be stern and wise.

    Dramatis PersonŠ: The Antagonists
    Lady Rasputina Grigorieva: A member of the Local 290's Board of executives and a member of the Grigorieva Watchmen. Lady Rasputina has ties to the Trader's guild.

    The Trader's Guild is seeking to control all aspects of trade within Victoria Town.

    Dune Crawlers: Large treaded ground vehicles that are designed to function within the Martian Wastes and are favored to use many groups, including the Trader's Union, due to the vehicle's large carrying capacity, armor plating and their use of universal equipment mounts.
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    Aeaxeos, Spartan Scout

    Aeaxeos is a very tall man with bred-in features of old Greek Gods. His Power Armor is a jumble of bronze pipes and plates hissing as the pneumatics run aether gases powering it. Small vents exhaust continual mist of foul smelling smoke that is produced by the aether-furnace in the back of the armor. His helmet is the standard of Spartan Guard. Modelled after the ancient Hoplite helmets, with crystalline faceplate sealing the environment inside.

    Aeaxeos' voice is booming and strong, commanding respect and awe that is enhanced by the Serum. According to him, his word is the Law and anyone hearing it is prone to accept that...

    Spartan Guard, the perfect police force.
    The creation of a Spartan begins with a carefully laid breeding program. Even before all else, a newborn Spartan is superior to average human in every way. From very young age they begin their rigorous training and conditioning to become a perfect warrior with absolute sense of justice... (From certain point of view)

    At the eve of manhood becomes the next stage. The Serum. Effectively a controlled mutation that enhances the Spartan's abilities, gives him superior healing capabilities and turns him into an unyielding force of law. It is also the Serum that creates an almost mystical aura jurisdiction that the Spartans are known of. Only one Warrior's presence is enough to calm the innocent, encourage his allies and to drive criminals into blind panic.

    When the Spartan is physically and mentally ready he is initiated to the guard itself. He is clad in a bronze power armor that is powered by aether combustion engine and handed the Spear. The acrid smoke that these armors exhaust is so distinctive that anyone who has ever known it can't mistake it. The Spear is the badge of office of the Guard. A weapon capable of gathering aether and releasing it through charging up the blade or blasting it at range.

    And Aeaxeos is Spartan. Paragon of Law and Justice (from certain point of view), he was sent out to the wasteland to hunt a particularly inconvenient dissident. This hunt took him as far as Victoria Town where he requested the aid of the local Law. He was given right to act within the city in exhance for a contract to join the local Watchmen for 6 months. The dissident soon lay dead, and honorbound Aeaxeos joined the Watchmen.

    His six months is now almost up...


    ------- CHARACTER INFO -------
    Name: Aeaxeos
    Age: Who knows, looks to be around 30
    Height: 7'
    Weight: 335
    Skin: Olive
    Hair: Dark
    Eyes: Brown

    Group Affiliation(s):
    Allegiance(s): Olympian Council, Spartan Guard,

    ------- CHARACTER SHEET -------

    Power Level: 6
    Power Points: 110pp
    Hero Points: 1

    ABILITIES: 20pp
    Str: 12+6 (1+3)
    Dex: 16 (3)
    Con: 14 (2)
    Int: 12 (1)
    Wis: 12 (1)
    Cha: 14 (2)

    Toughness: 9 = Protection 5 +2 CON +2 Tough
    Fortitude: 4 = BASE 2 + 2 CON
    Reflexes: 7 = BASE 4 + 3 DEX
    Will: 5 = BASE 4 + 1 WIS

    COMBAT: 14pp
    Damage Bonus: 1/4 (armored)
    Base Attack: 5
    Defense: 0 (Tradeoff 3)
    Initiative: 2

    SKILLS: 36 ranks (9 pp)
    Craft 1+1=2
    Diplomacy 3+2=5
    Intimidate 11+2=13
    Investigate 5+1=6
    Knowledge Civics 2+1+4=7 (Eidetic Memory)
    Notice 5+1=6
    Sense Motive 7+1=8
    Language 2


    FEATS: 9pp
    Defencive Strike
    Tough x2
    Veteran Fighter
    Eidetic Memory

    POWERS: 48pp
    Emotion Control 6 (12)
    Immunity Sleep (1)
    Regeneration (Rate (Injured)) 2 (2)
    Device (4pp/rank: 6 ranks) 24pp
    Spartan Scout Power Armor: (6x5=30)
    -Enhanced Ability Str 6 (6)
    -Protection (Impervious) 5 (10)
    -Immunity Life support (9)
    -Supersenses Darkvision (2)
    -Super Strenght 1 (2)
    -Immovable 1 (1)
    Device (3pp/rank: 3 ranks) 9pp
    Spartan Spear: (3x5=15)
    -Strike (Mighty) 2 (3) (Electric)
    -Blast 6 (12) (Electric)

    ABILITIES: 20pp, SAVES: 10pp, COMBAT: 14pp, SKILLS: 9pp, FEATS: 9pp, POWERS: 48pp

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    Brian Shaughnessy

    Brian works hard and keeps his mouth shut. And even if the others think he's jumpy and odd, they don't mind. Fact is, work at the forge is always a little easier when Brian's on shift. So they let him hum his tuneless tune and don't ask him questions about where he came from, and honest to goodness if it don't seem not so unbearably hot on Brian's shifts.

    Of course, that's exactly what Brian's so jumpy about. It's not their imaginations. The forge is cooler when Brian works, because ever since he was a little boy, he soaked up heat. Made life pleasant in the desert, having a store of heat for the cold nights. Until Brian found out that if he wasn't careful, if he got angry or upset ... well, then things could get very hot, very fast. It's happened once or twice. He's gotten better, learned to keep tighter reins on it, but, well, there's a reason he left home and came to Victoria city, where he didn't know anyone and no one knew him.

    And there's a reason why that wife-beating foreman's shirt caught fire when he wasn't anywhere near the forge, but Brian, he's the quiet type, so he keeps it to himself...

    Brian Shaughnessy, PL 6 [110pp]
    ABILITIES: [18pp]
    Str 10 (+0) Dex 16 (+3) Con 16 (+3) Int 10 (+0) Wis 10 (+0) Cha 16 (+3)

    SAVING THROWS: [27 pp]
    Toughness +6 (Con +3, Defensive Roll +2, Leather Jacket +1)
    Fortitude +11 (8 +3)
    Reflexes +11(8+3)
    Will +11 (11)

    COMBAT: [14pp]
    Base Attack +4 (8pp) (Ignite / Flash Freeze +6)
    Base Defense +6 (6pp) (Defense 16, flatfooted 13)
    Initiative +7

    SKILLS: 32 ranks [8pp]
    Bluff 10 (+13)
    Language 2 (Arabic, Chinese)
    Notice 10 (+10)
    Stealth 10 (+13)

    FEATS: [16pp]
    Attack Spec: Ignite, Attack Spec: Flash Freeze, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 3, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Initiative 1, Set-Up, Sneak Attack 1, Teamwork 1, Uncanny Dodge (Infravision), Equipment 3

    POWERS: [27pp]

    --Thermomancy Array (24 pp) (all [psionic])

    * Environmental Control (Extreme Cold) 8 (2/rank PF: Subtle +1, APs +7) [cold]
    * AP: Envir. Control (Extreme Heat) 8 (2/rank +1 PF Subtle) [heat]
    * AP: Ignite 5 (3/rank PF: Reversable +1, Subtle +1) DC 20 [heat][fire]
    * AP: Flash Freeze 5 (Perception Damage (cold)) (3/rank, PF: Reversable +1, Subtle +1) DC 20 [cold]
    * AP: Fire Shield 6 (Deflect, all ranged) (2/rank) [fire][heat]
    * AP: Ice Slick 6 (Trip) (1/rank, +1/r Area Shapable, PF: Subtle +1) DC 16 [cold][ice]
    * AP: Flare 6 (Dazzle) (2/rank, PF: Subtle +1) DC 16 [fire][light]
    * AP: Weaken 6 (Drain Toughness) (1/rank, +1/rank Range, +0/r Objects only, PF: Subtle +1) DC 16 [cold]

    --Immunity 2 (Extreme hot and cold environmental conditions)

    --Super-senses 1 (Infravision)

    Flash Goggles (1ep), Gas Mask (1ep), Knife (4ep), Quarterstaff (4ep), Leather Jacket (1ep), Hold-Out Pistol (4ep)

    Abilities 18 pp + Skills 8 pp + Feats 16 pp + Powers 27pp + Combat 14pp + Saves 27pp = 110 pp

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    Sahid Yetemar was born in 1425 in the times of the great Ottoman wars against Europe. At the age of 17 he enrolled the Ottoman armada and embarked to fight the British navy, which were attempting to gain control over some of the Mediterranean islands under Ottoman control.
    A janissary was armed with a musket and a scimitar, and their training in the war art was exemplar. But in the heat of battle, little means a good training if you don’t have the nerves to stand the sound of bullets, deadly bullets flying over your head, or seen what a canon can do to a man.
    In the battle of Rhodes a quarter of the Ottoman fleet was decimated, however the Ottomans achieved an important victory. Sahid Yetemar was severely wounded, and as he agonized on a warm Mediterranean night, he asked to be taken out of the cabin, to stare at the full moon one last time. Since he was born he felt something special each time he watched at the full moon. He felt every vein of his body, every cell.
    As he was taken out and the moonlight shined over him, he silently sealed a pact with it. He wanted to be like the moon, to be a beacon of hope, a saviour, a light in the darkest night.
    Sahid didn’t die that night.
    Back in his homelands, he discovered that the moon had awakened something within him. Something that was always there, but hidden. Every night, Sahid walked to a cliff next to his house, from where he could see the moon above the waves of the ocean. He watched the moon controlling the waters, and through practice and imitation he learned from the moon, learned the peaceful and gentle moves to control and bend water to his will.
    Power corrupts. Soon after he learned how to control the basics, Sahid tried to make a living assaulting goods transports and tax collectors. As soon as he began robbing and killing, the moon gave its back to him. To his eyes, the moon was black, featureless, and void.
    Sahid tried to master the element by himself, through practice and error. He learned dread techniques from other natural water benders, like some plants that drain the water from the soil, or even from other plants. He learned the raw power of water from the waves of the ocean. He travelled to the far north, to the arctic tundra of Siberia and learned to shape water and change its fasces. In London he learned to control and make mist to cover his tracks and hide from his enemies.
    He made men burst in bloody clouds, and used the blood’s water to shield himself from harm. As he spin and moved his arms in the dance of the moon, blood surged from the pores of his target, and began to swirl around him, and join in bigger drops, like a swarm liquid rubies. Then with a sudden outstretching of his arm, the drops transformed into sharp needles, and propelled forward, piercing his foes.
    Pursed by his crimes, Sahid left Europe, and travelled to Asia. It was inChina, where he learned the direst techniques of all. Studying with the Shoaling monks of Tibet, he learned about the chakras and the flow of energy in the body.
    These key points were essential for the functioning of the body, and closing or opening the chakras would have diverse effects, depending on the combinations made. As the monks taught him, Sahid developed a twisted version himself, in which he controlled the flux of blood through the chakras, effectively controlling the target’s body.
    He had made such a name that many powerful man wanted to hire him as a hitman, and weak of mind as he was, Sahid let himself into many assassination attempts and government hits. The Red Sahid, the Puppeteer, and others were his nicknames.
    The moon was red, full of the blood he had spill.

    As years went by, the world evolved, but Sahid was trapped in the past. He understood that the eternal life that the moon gave him was more a curse than a gift. Soon the world forgot about him, it was more easy and effective to press a button and destroy an entire city and pay a hitman, who now in face of the modern weapons was not as effective as he once was.
    What could terrify an immortal more, than being forgotten? Thrown into oblivious forever.
    Alone, Sahid raised his hands to the moon, asking for forgiveness. But it was too late. He saw the first missile from the cliff next to his original house. Soon after, the world died. Sahid felt much of that was because of him. He once had the power to change the world, and instead, used it to further sink it into corruption.
    He promised to himself the day he was boarding the ship to mars, that he’d never use blood control again. That day, the moon was less red.

    ( 12 pp)
    Strength: 10 ( 0 )
    Dexterity: 14 ( 2 )
    Constitution: 14 ( 2 )
    Intelligence: 12 ( 1 )
    Wisdom: 12 ( 1 )
    Charisma: 10 ( 0 )

    ( 16 pp)
    Attack Melee: 6
    Attack Ranged: 6
    Damage melee: 0
    Damage Ranged: 0
    Grapple: 6
    Defense: 2 [6 with Shield]
    Initiative: 2


    -Dehydrate: Ranged DC 21 Fortitude damage
    -Water shock : Cone area DC 21 reflex damage
    -Suffocate: Perception DC: 16 Fortitude suffocation
    -Water Bubble trap: Regenerative, suffocating and entangling snare. Ranged attack (+6) DC 16 reflex saving throw.
    -Blood Control: Power check (+6) vs Fortitude save, controls subject as mind control
    -Scimitar of the Clouds: +6 attack for +6 penetrating damage (may spit in two attacks), critical 18-20, also drains saves (DC: 16 Fortitude)

    ( 12 pp)
    Toughness: 2 [6 with Force Field]
    Fortitude: 6
    Reflex: 6
    Will: 5

    ( 13 pp)
    6 ( 4 ) Acrobatics
    0 ( 0 ) Bluff
    4 ( 4 ) Climb
    1 ( 0 ) Computers
    5 ( 4 ) Concentration
    1 ( 0 ) Craft
    0 ( 0 ) Diplomacy
    1 ( 0 ) Disable Device
    0 ( 0 ) Disguise
    2 ( 0 ) Drive
    6 ( 4 ) Escape Artist
    0 ( 0 ) Gather Inf
    0 ( 0 ) Handle Animal
    0 ( 0 ) Intimidate
    1 ( 0 ) Investigate
    9 ( 8 ) Knowledge (Tactics)
    0 ( 0 ) Language
    1 ( 0 ) Medicine
    9 ( 8 ) Notice
    0 ( 0 ) Perform
    2 ( 0 ) Pilot
    1 ( 0 ) Profession
    6 ( 4 ) Ride
    1 ( 0 ) Search
    1 ( 0 ) Sense Motive
    2 ( 0 ) Sleight of Hand
    10 ( 8 ) Stealth
    5 ( 4 ) Survival
    4 ( 4 ) Swim

    ( 11 pp)
    Power attack 1
    All out attack 1
    Evasion 2
    Accurate attack 1
    Master Plan 1
    Move by action 1
    Improved initiative 1
    Hide in plain sight 1
    Improved critical (Scimitar) 1

    ( 55 pp)
    Water Control 10
    AP: Dehydrate (6) 1
    AP: Blast (Cone area, 6) 1
    AP: Obscure (12) 1
    AP: Suffocate (6) 1
    AP: Snare (7) 1
    AP: Create object (10) 1
    PF:Progresion 1
    PF: Selective 1
    AP: Blood Control 1

    Device: Scimitar of the Moon 6
    Strike (penetrating) Link 6
    >PF: Split attack 1
    Drain (any save) Link 6
    >PF: Slow fade 1

    Shield (Linked with FF) 4
    Force Field (Linked with Shield) 4

    Immunity: Aging 1

    ( -9 pp)
    Power loss (restrained:WC) 3
    Power loss (restrained:Forc Field) 3
    Power loss (restrained:Shield) 3

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    Name: Deezy Klatta
    Power Level: 6 (110pts)
    Atts 20, Cmbt 18, Skls 10, Fts 8, Pwrs 19, Equip33

    Deezy is, at first glance, a mess. Wild sandy blonde/brown hair pulled into a maze of tails and braids that frame a perpetually sunny, smiling, cherubic and sun darkened face...though the hair is often pinned down under a leather cap that has flaps down the sides that cover her ears, and a pair of goggles that perch high on her forehead when not in use. Her clothes are simple...a thin white sleeveless shirt and pair of shorts that go down to her somewhat knobby knees, but are quite loose fitting and covered in pockets. It's what goes OVER the clothes. First, a loose top of black mesh. Over that are belts. Belts over her shoulders, around her midriff, around her legs, crisscrossing her chest. On the belts are...things. Strange doohickies made of brass and bronze, sporting tiny tubes and nozzles and other, less recognizable protuberances. Little vials of oddly colored liquids. Tiny rolls of parchment and paper. Mysterious, and ominous somehow, orbs of blown glass with sparks of light deep inside. Somewhere in the chaos there's a little teddy bear affixed to her. With her spritely cuteness and overall sense of disorganization, Deezy is hard to take seriously...until the explosions start.

    Strength (STR) 10
    Dexterity (DEX) 16
    Constitution (CON) 14
    Intelligence (INT) 20
    Wisdom (WIS) 10
    Charisma (CHA) 10

    Init: +3
    Base Attack Bonus: +2
    Melee Attack: +2
    Ranged Attack: +4
    Base Defense: 14 (+3 base, + 1 feat)
    Defense Without Dodge: 11
    Tough: +6 (+2 Con, +4 equip)
    Fort: +5 (2 Con + 3 base)
    Reflex: +5 (3 Dex + 2 base)
    Will: +3 (3 base)
    Move: 30'

    Abilities, Feats, Skills
    Gadgets +4 (20pts, One minute change, Needs access to Gadget Stash), 19pp

    Skills: 40, 10pp
    Computers +15 (10 ranks + 5 Int)
    Craft (Mechanical) +10 (5 ranks + 5 Int)
    Craft (Electronic) +10 (5 ranks +5 Int)
    Disable device +10 (5 ranks + 5 Int)
    Knowledge (Technology) +10 (5 ranks +5 Int)
    Drive +8 (5 ranks + 3 Dex)
    Survival +5 (5 ranks + 0 Wis)

    Feats 10
    Attack Focus: Ranged 2
    Attractive 1
    Dodge Focus 1
    Equipment 3 (15pts)
    Improvised Tools 1
    Inventor 1
    Improved Outmanuever 1

    Languages - English

    Equipment and Lewt
    Money -
    Commlink, 1pt
    Laptop, 1pt
    PDA, 1pt
    Mini-tracer, 1pt
    Rebreather, 1pt
    Lock release gun, 1pt
    Holdout Pistol, 4pts
    Tactical Vest, 4pts

    Gadgets (Can choose to be carrying up to 20pts at one time)
    DRUID - Dynamic Reconfigurable Universal Interface Device - Datalink +1, Comprehend (Machines) +2, 5pts
    A deceptively small, handheld device that emits an electronic radio beam capable of interfacing with just about any computer or computerized machine within 10 feet. It automatically adjusts its signal to be understandable to any machine, and provides translated user feedback on a small screen. To keep it from being easily stolen, Deezy normally keeps it in a little integrated holder in the left forearm of her jacket or suit.

    Klatta-Tech Active Ultrasonic Imaging Goggles - Super Senses +3 (Sonar), 3pts
    Sturdy goggles that completely fit over the eyes and around the sides of the head, the AUSIG have an ultrasonic emitter facing forward in lieu of lenses. The echoes are detected and assembled into a realtime image in the tiny stereoscopic screens inside the device. They can detect solid and liquid surfaces in the wearer's field of view, but not surface details. While worn, the user is immune to visual Dazzles, Concealment, Illusions and Obscuration, but is also blind to anything but what the goggles 'see.'

    Deezy's Amazing Auto-Water-Reclamator Hotsuit - Immunity (Env Cold, Thirst), 2pts
    A skintight rubberized jumpsuit festooned with articulated ribbing and tubes, this item of dubious technology captures wastewater from the human body (by means probably best left unexplored) and Purifies it to provide drinking water.

    Klatta-Tech 1000 Rocket Boots MkI - Leaping +3 (10x normal leap), Slow Fall, 5pts
    Though the Hotsuit is arguably more practical, the Rocket Boots are inarguably Deezy's favorite of her own inventions. heavy leather boots of tight fit that are equipped with a maze of copper and brass tubes that snake around them and terminate in a nozzle that points down along the back of the ankle towards the ground. Sadly, even both boots together do not generate enough thrust to actually lift her...but they assist when she jumps. She continues to tinker with the devices, trying to improve their output without causing a catastrophic explosion.

    Omniblaster - Blast +4 (Fades, PF Slow Fade, Link: Dazzle +4 (Fades, PF SlowFade)) 12pp
    AP - Blast +4 (Fades, PF SlowFade, Link: Nullify +4 (All Tech at once, Fades, Alt Save: Ref, PF Slow Fade)
    AP - Paralysis +4 (Fade, Ranged, Alt Save: Ref, PF Slow Fade 2)
    A sidearm she found in the mecha, Deezy didn't invent this weapon, but she restored it to working order and has a decent idea of how it works, in her usual, alarmingly non-technical way. It has three settings, each one representing a different type of energy emission. The laser setting can blind as well as hurt. The electron beam setting causes electrical burns and can 'EMP' the target area. There is a 'stun' setting as well, where a lower amperage charge is used to disorganize a target's motor nerves. The omniblaster's power supply is faulty, and slowly wears out with each shot fired. This reduces the damage potential over time, until it can be recharged by plugging it into a specialized cradle in the mech's cockpit. The omniblaster is not a pistol; it is built into a bracer that is adjustable to fit either arm, of any size.

    Klatta-Tech HERF Grenade - EMP - Nullify +6 (All "Tech" at once, Burst Area, Touch Range, Full rnd, PF Thrown, PF Triggered) 8pp
    Inspired by the Omniblaster, Deezy figured out how to create a small device that uses capacitor charges to release a powerful, localized EMP. It can be fused for impact and thrown, or it can use a timer or remote signal to detonate. The EMP exhausts its power, but can be recovered and recharged to be used again.

    Great Metal Beast
    Large Mecha (13pts)
    Strength 24, 6pts
    Dexterity 12, 2pts
    Toughness 9, 2pts (Base 2, plus 2 chassis Toughness, +5 imp armor, immune to crits)
    Base Speed: 45, Leaping 2
    Crew: 1 or 2
    Communication: 200 mile radio comm
    Sensors: Visual (IR/Low light), Audio, Compass, Rangefinder, Radio scanner, Radar (100' increment)
    Cargo Space: 350lbs, Medium size
    Weapon Mounts:
    - Right arm - Gyrocannon, +4 to hit, Dmg DC 21, Autofire
    - Left arm - Burst Laser, +4 to hit, Dmg DC 21, Penetrating
    - Torso - "Pepperbox" anti-infantry array, +6 to hit, Dmg DC 19, Cluster (10'x40')
    - Right Shoulder - Universal Mount (Empty)

    Features Cost: Base:36 Comp: 5
    Cockpit/Control Features 3
    Base - Environmental Seal 1 (5hrs)
    Comp - Extra Seat 1
    Comp - Improved Limb Control 1 (Ambidexterity)

    Movement Features 4
    Comp - All-Terrain: Desert 1
    Comp - Improved Leg Actuators 1
    Base - Jump Jets 2

    Sensor/Communication Features 17
    Comp - Communication +7 (Radio) 7
    Comp - Super Senses +10
    -- Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision, Radio, Low Light
    -- Radar (Accurate, Radius, Ranged, Extended 1, Radio Sense)

    Defense Features 12
    Base - Impervious Armor +5, 10
    Base - Improved Plating (Critical Hits) 2

    Targeting Features 0
    - ?

    Miscellaneous Features 4
    Comp - Cargo Space 1
    Comp - Universal Mounting 3

    Weapon Systems 20
    Base - Gyrocannon (Blast +6, Autofire) 18pts
    Base - Pepperbox Anti-infantry (Blast +4, Cluster, PF Accuracy 1) 1pt
    Base - Burst Laser (Blast +6, Penetrating) 1pt

    - Activation (Computers DC 15) to start mecha, -3pts
    - Archaic Feature (Jump Jet), -1pt
    - Unstable Power Supply, -4pts

    Total Cost: 55 (Cost as Device +11: 33)


    In one of the deep chasms carved in the surface of Mars by rivers untold millions of years ago, a
    settlement was founded. Two men and a woman, all armed with knowledge of the past and all sharing the burden of the present, decided that they would make a small, self-sufficient community away from the controlling auspices of the city-states and their rigid philosophies. So rotor generators were strung across between the chasm walls to capture the boundless energy of the winds channeled through them. In the sheltered alcoves they built water reclaimers to take advantage of the thick, heavy air that gathered in the low places of Mars, in the bottom of the chasm.

    Deezy was born there, the daughter of the son of one of the founding three, and possessed of the fierce, unbounded intellect that her grandfather had used to establish the water farms, and the sandstorm-proof generators. When not helping fix and maintain the town's gear, she would set off into the desert on her electric cart and imagine great adventures for herself while carving ruts into the red dust of Mars.

    It is fitting then, that one day she found a real adventure. Driving out late, Deezy was caught in the path of dust storm. She survived by improvising a shelter out of her cart. When the sun finally came out from behind its angry red shroud, Deeze emerged from her now half-buried shelter to see something astonishing; a curved slab of metal, glinting in the dim Martian sun from the top of a sand dune. It was a work of hours, but finally she had the head and upper shoulders revealed. A giant robot war machine! And it was OLD...who knew how long it had been buried here?

    Deezy spent the next month begging, buying annd stealing parts to make her little mecha walk again. Each night she hiked out and worked a few hours as well. After a few missteps, and a lot of lost sleep, she finally managed to bypass some of the pesky power supply safeties that kept preventing the minireactor from initializing. The giant awoke...and she carefully walked it home.

    Weeks passed as she slowly got more subsystems back online. Initial griping from the townsfolk subsided after the 'great metal beast' successfully chased off a pack of raiders. Even so, Deezy was tormented by the constant knowledge that the vast majority of the machine's functions were of such genius and complexity that they were well beyond her means to recover with the primitive equipment, parts and knowledge she could get in her home town. So, with a few of her inventions in her pack, and enough supplies to last her through the long trip to Victoria City, she set out from home to see what civilization had to offer her, and her mecha.
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    James Fauntleroy Featherstone-Smythe

    STR 10 DEX 12 CON 14 INT 18 WIS 12 CHA 12
    FORT +5(+7) REF+5(+6) WIL+5(6) Toughness +2

    Attack+3 Defence +5

    Feats: Ritualist, Skill Mastery (Knowledge:Arcane lore; Notice; Diplomacy; Investigate), Evasion 2, Benefit: Status 2, Benefit: Wealth 3, Attack Focus: Ranged 3, Attractive

    Skills: Notice 8 (+10), Knowledge: Arcane lore 8 (+12), Diplomacy 8 (+9), Languages 4 (Native language plus 4 others), Sense Motive 4 (+5)

    Magic 6 (Skill check required (Arcane lore), Penetrating, Range:Perception)
    Alt Power: Blast 6 (Skill check required (Arcane lore), Penetrating, Area)
    Alt Power: Blast 6 (Skill check required (Arcane lore), Penetrating, Autofire)
    Alt Power: Healing 6 (Resurrection)
    Alt Power: Illusion 4 (All senses, Independent, Slow Fade 2)
    Alt Power: Insubstantial 3 (Subtle 2, Slow Fade 1)
    Alt Power: Protection 4, Impervious Toughness 2 (Impervious, Independent, Slow Fade 4)

    Immunity 14 (life support, aging, starvation&thirst, sleep, critical hits)

    Super-Senses (Darkvision)

    Desert survival kit
    Hunting Knife
    Elephant Gun
    Heavy Revolver

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