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Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep

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Late 2022

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Dragons of Stormwreck Isle
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Revised Core Rulebooks
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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

Dungeon Delver’s Guide: The NODES System
  • 10
You’ve baited your story hooks. You’ve got your dungeon map. Now what do you put in all those rooms? Creating an adventure’s worth of interesting features at once can be challenging. You may...
Dungeon Delver’s Guide: It’s a Trap!
  • 25
In EN Publishing’s upcoming Dungeon Delver’s Guide, we’re giving you every tool you need to build story-driven, atmospheric dungeons. And that means we have got to get traps right. Today I want to...
Level Up’s Archlich: The Mouthless One
  • 38
With millions of people watching Stranger Things this month, you might be curious what the Level Up version of an archlich might look like. Well, we’re working on one for an as-yet-unannounced...
Spellcasting Monsters in Level Up
  • 38
One of our goals with the Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Monstrous Menagerie was to make enemy spellcasters less of a pain to run. With an updated stat block format, we've made it possible to run...
Level Up’s Monsters: Ecology
  • 45
In another post, I talked about the updates we’re making to monster stat blocks in Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. Today, I want to talk about the changes we’re making to the rest of the monster...
Level Up’s Monsters: The Stat Block
  • 53
Hi! I’m Paul Hughes, a lead developer on Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. At, I’ve done statistical analysis on the Monster Manual (5E Monster Manual on a Business Card)...
Class Balance In A5E: How Much Damage Should A Damage Dealer Deal?
  • 91
In Level Up: Advanced Fifth Edition, we’re creating new incarnations of the 5e character classes. Before we build our new classes from the ground up, we need… a teardown of the originals to see...

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