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Paul Hughes


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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

Level Up’s Monsters: Ecology
  • 45
In another post, I talked about the updates we’re making to monster stat blocks in Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. Today, I want to talk about the changes we’re making to the rest of the monster...
Level Up’s Monsters: The Stat Block
  • 53
Hi! I’m Paul Hughes, a lead developer on Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. At blogofholding.com, I’ve done statistical analysis on the Monster Manual (5E Monster Manual on a Business Card)...
Class Balance In A5E: How Much Damage Should A Damage Dealer Deal?
  • 91
In Level Up: Advanced Fifth Edition, we’re creating new incarnations of the 5e character classes. Before we build our new classes from the ground up, we need… a teardown of the originals to see...

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