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Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants
August 15th

The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons
August 15th

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk
September 19th

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse
October 16th

The Book of Many Things
November 14th


Revised Core Rulebooks
(D&D 50th anniversary)

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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

Dungeon Delver's Guide: Sample Dungeon
The Dungeon Delver’s Guide Kickstarter is coming into its last week! With over £150,000 pledged...
Dungeon Delver's Guide: High Level Play
As campaigns reach mid to high levels, characters come into their own. A vast array of rare and...
Dungeon Delver's Guide: Three Page Dungeons
We’ve launched our Dungeon Delver’s Guide kickstarter, and we’re honored by your support! A day...
Dungeon Delver’s Guide: Skeletal Hordes
Welcome to Dungeon Delver’s Guide (coming to Kickstarter very soon!) Our skeletons are smart...
Dungeon Delver's Guide: Let’s Go Shopping
A descent into a dungeon is not to be made without preparation. For players who love...
Dungeon Delver’s Guide: Welcome to Underland
What’s below dungeons? According to fantasy trope, the depths of the earth harbor a vast...
Dungeon Delver’s Guide: The NODES System
You’ve baited your story hooks. You’ve got your dungeon map. Now what do you put in all those...
Dungeon Delver’s Guide: It’s a Trap!
In EN Publishing’s upcoming Dungeon Delver’s Guide, we’re giving you every tool you need to...
Level Up’s Archlich: The Mouthless One
With millions of people watching Stranger Things this month, you might be curious what the Level...
Spellcasting Monsters in Level Up
One of our goals with the Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Monstrous Menagerie was to make enemy...
Level Up’s Monsters: Ecology
In another post, I talked about the updates we’re making to monster stat blocks in Level Up...
Level Up’s Monsters: The Stat Block
Hi! I’m Paul Hughes, a lead developer on Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. At
Class Balance In A5E: How Much Damage Should A Damage Dealer Deal?
In Level Up: Advanced Fifth Edition, we’re creating new incarnations of the 5e character...

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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