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Egg Embry

Egg Embry

Gaming At The Kids' Table With Hero Kids

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Here at EN World, I’m continuing to look at all-ages tabletop role-playing games, board games, and card games. Do they engage the players at the kids' gaming table? Would they cut it at the adults' table? Are they genuinely fun for every age? Hero Kids core rules and the Basement O Rats adventure is a tabletop role-playing game for 4 to 10 year olds. The core book provides rules for GM’ing younger audiences, combat, skill tests, character creation, monster compendium, and character tokens for $5.99 (PDF).

Gaming at the Kids' Table: Monster Slayers

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Here at EN World, I discuss all-ages tabletop role-playing games, board games, or card games. Does it engage the players at the kids’ gaming table? Would it cut it at the adults’ table? Is it genuinely fun for every age? Monster Slayers: Heroes of Hesiod and Champions of the Elements are a pair of all-ages light board games/light tabletop RPG encounters from Wizards of the Coast. Promoted as an introduction for 6-year-olds to a stripped down version of the world’s most popular role-playing game, these PDFs are based on Lukas Ritter’s Monster Slayers YA series of novels. Both print-and-play games are written by Susan J. Morris and contain combat rules, pre-generated characters, monster and hero tokens, and boards, all for free.


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