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D&D Math; PATHFINDER Shark Mini; ROCKET AGE is out!; Tabletop Gaming on the Rise; and Back PRIMEVAL
EN World News ENnies voting ends in a couple of days! We've had record numbers of voters this...

Gary Gygax's Birthday is Gary Gygax's birthday. As you probably...

Kickstarter Top Ten Tabletop Game Kickstarters: Why So Successful?

So this is a thread about a post by Matt Forbeck about an article on icV2. "It's clear that tabletop game projects are among Kickstarter's most successful categories, with five projects at over $1 million, and three over $2 million." I mean, this list is so epic that Monte Cook's half-million-dollar Numenera doesn't feature on it!
Where are they now? Ex-D&D designers! RED AEGIS launches; and the DUNGEON BASTARD takes on the ILLU
Pathfinder RPG News If you're going to GenCon you can pick up your Pathfinder subscriptions...
Announcing The 2013 Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (ENnies) Nominations
Congratulations to the 2013 ENnie Awards nominees! Feel free to get to know the products below by clicking links. Voting begins on Monday, July 22 and runs to Wednesday, July 31. The ceremony itself will be on Friday, August 16, in the Union Station Grand Hall at 8 pm with the cocktail reception beginning at 6:30 pm.
Exclusive 13TH AGE BESTIARY Preview: The Redcap!
13th AGE, the most anticipated RPG of 2013, will hit our store shelves very soon, and Pelgrane Press has very kindly provided us with an exclusive preview of the 13TH AGE BESTIARY! This sneak peak is the Redcap entry from that book - nasty little creeps just waiting to ambush you!

Big Day Tomorrow!

If you miss EN World tomorrow (Monday) you'll regret it! I'll be announcing the ENNIES NOMINEES...

EN World Launches “RPG Spotlight”: Shadowrun First Up!

EN World, one of the premier online sites for news and reviews for tabletop games, is launching an “RPG Spotlight” program next Monday. Each week will feature a different RPG, where publishers/designers will interact with the EN World community, answer questions, and more.

Sale SHADOWRUN Breaks Sales Records!; a new D&D NEXT Livestream Game; and VICTORIANA 3E Releases - PLUS N

EN World Launches RPG Spotlight're launching...
PaizoCon podcast coverage; DUNGEON BASTARD on CLERICS; and last 2 days for ZEITGEIST!
Two Days Left! In two days I'll stop harping on about this, I promise! Our ZEITGEIST adventure...

Last Call for DEEP MAGIC; RUNEQUEST 6E Deluxe Hardcover; and Secrets of TSR; plus SATAN is a Harsh D

Just Three Days Left to Pledge reached $13,000! That...

All the PATHFINDER News from PAIZOCON! Nominate yourself as a 2014 ENnies Judge! Season of Sexism #

All the PATHFINDER News from PAIZOCON! Nominate yourself as a 2014 ENnies Judge! Season of...

20 Tolkien-Style Elf Names

For use in your fantasy roleplaying games, I present twenty Tolkien-style elf names.

Divination in D&D; a video review of DOCTOR WHO: AITAS, new JUDGE DREDD minis game

Dungeons & Dragons News A1 Playtest (Podcast) -- In this episode, Mike Mearls looks back at the...
We Review SHADOWRUN 5E; Cubicle 7's ROCKET AGE has a cover!; plus watch a video intro of STAR WARS
EN World News Today we have a brand new review of the much-anticipated SHADOWRUN 5th EDITION...

Free Do you have what it takes to be an ENNIES JUDGE?; The 9 Best D&D 3E Adventures!; A free PATHFINDER a

EN World News Starting this Sunday, July 7, and running through Tuesday, July 16, any person...

Release An Artists' Union?; plus STAR WARS: EDGE OF THE EMPIRE releases today!; and Kickstarting PRIMEVAL TH

Dungeons & Dragons News Magic Item Compendium: Clothing and Tools -- From the humble ring of...
D&D Next Planes; Pathfinder Card Game; Live-streaming Slave Pits of the Undercity; and a new "Gatewa
EN World News EN Publishing's Ryan "Rangerwickett" Nock appeared on the excellent Metagamers...

The 15 Best D&D Modules Of All Time

The definitive list. Over 120 adventures were nominated, and over 500 votes cast to determine...
New D&D Next Q&A; Painting Miniatures; and Vote for the Best 3E/3.5 adventures!
Dungeons & Dragons News In this week's D&D Next Q&A, Rodney discusses modular features, paladin...

10 Most Anticipated RPGs of 2013

The countdown result of our surveys on EN World, Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere to bring you...

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