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David J. Buck

David J. Buck

Burning Questions: What's the Worst Thing a DM Can Do?

  • 276
In this column, we take common D & D questions posed on Quora and attempt to answer them in a friendly, practical and informative way. Today's question: “As a D & D player, what is the worst thing your DM could do to take the fun out of playing?”

Cracking Open Privateer Press' MiniCrate

  • 5
I love miniatures. Depending on one's style of play, miniatures can serve an important in-game function or simply be used as a stand-in for some other piece. Some gamers simply paint minis for the joy of the process. The MiniCrate from Privateer Press certainly goes a long way to appeal to the miniature lover in us all. I love it, but is it right for you?

Adventures in Dystopia: Palladium’s After the Bomb 2E

  • 10
Following my previous adventure with the original After the Bomb, I decided to check out the second edition of the game. It’s interesting and fun, but probably not something I would play as an extended campaign—though it certainly has that kind of potential.

White Dwarf Revisited — Issue #1 June/July 1977

  • 10
Greetings, fair reader, and welcome to a brand-new science fiction and fantasy role-playing magazine, White Dwarf. In the pages of this tome, you’ll find reviews, how to play Dungeons & Dragons...

The Castlevania Chronicles – D&D Edition

  • 10
Lately, I’ve been playing through all of the old Castlevania video games and began seriously considering crafting a homebrew version of original NES game for my next Dungeons & Dragons campaign. As I began thinking about what I’d like to incorporate into a homebrew version of Castlevania, my mind wandered over to the horror-themed D&D campaign setting, Ravenloft.

Take An Adventure In Dystopia With West End Game's Original Paranoia

  • 24
Today we're going to get a little paranoid with the West End Games original edition of Paranoia.

Take An Adventure In Dystopia With Palladium's Original After The Bomb

  • 10
The inaugural scenario in Palladium’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures has two possible outcomes: rescuing a military installation from those lovable, cuddly, psychopathic, psionic miscreants, the Terror Bears or annihilating 75% of the country in a sudden launch of the nuclear stockpile. Little did anyone know this adventure would launch a line that outlasted the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license at Palladium Books.

Looking At Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated

  • 29
Dry erase boards. Flip mats. Graph paper. Lego. Theater of the Mind. All of these are valid, tried-and-true methods of tracking movement/combat in Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs. While I've employed all of these in the past, nothing has worked better for my games than the dungeon tile.

Into The Rifts Again With Rifts Atlantis

  • 4
Rifts Atlantis, the second World Book for the Rifts RPG covers the legendary lost continent. Slightly shorter than its predecessor, it still packs a wealth of content into its 161 pages. Beginning with a brief history of the lost continent by Rifts character Erin Tarn, the reader is exposed to the backstory of the continent. This section is well-written and insightful, providing a superb jumping point for using this setting in one’s own Rifts campaign.

View From The Rifts: Looking At Palladium's Rifts Role-Playing Game

  • 24
Every Palladium fan probably knows the story behind 1990's Rifts—following a "small" nuclear war, the world is plunged into over 200 years of utter chaos. Then, dimensional rifts rupture the planet. All over the earth, strange creatures, inter-dimensional beings (D-Bees), cyborgs and aliens walk among men. After that, things get interesting.

Who You Gonna Call? Looking At West End Games' Ghostbusters RPG

  • 28
I've been a Ghostbusters fan for as long as I can remember, watching the film countless times. As much as I enjoyed it, the Real Ghostbusters cartoon expanded the universe in more interesting...

Look Back In Strangeness: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness Game

  • 20
In 1984, comic creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird put the final touches on their 3,000-copy limited run of a satirical comic dubbed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The first issue promptly sells out and becomes an overnight sensation. Prompted by the success of the comic, Eastman and Laird form Mirage Studios to produce more issues. Their success opens the door to the Turtles crossing over into other media. In 1985, Palladium Books obtains the license to produce an RPG based on the terrapin ninjas and from this agreement, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness role-playing game was born.

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