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Sean Hillman


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Sean Hillman

Sean Hillman

Journey To...South America

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It can be difficult to separate out the true myths of any particular culture from stories told by explorers who came after. Perhaps those become part of the mythology as well, but we want to do our best to get as close to the root mythology as possible. This is doubly difficult in South America where all we have of some of the cultures that called that land their home are ancient sites and strange monuments. Many of the civilizations overlapped and others were contemporaries.

Journey to... Central & Western Africa

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Africa is a rich land with a history that spans the entirety of human civilization. Trying to pin down a distinct set of myths would be difficult because one could end up repeating oneself in theme if not in actual specific characters. Still, the theme of the African myths is rich with heroes of a more classic nature and tricksters abound to delight and frustrate us. In many ways they are simpler than many European myths, but the simplicity does not detract from the depth and beauty nor their utility in adventure and world building.

Journey To...East Africa

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There has been a recent resurgence of interest in Africa's past and present. A lack of archeological evidence hinders our ability to piece together many of the earliest myths. However, this has not stopped creators from forging ahead with great content, like MV Media's Ki Khanga or the general Afrofuturism movement. As we journey around the world seeking hidden lore, we find ourselves in ancient Africa. Today, we will explore some of the legends of East and North East Africa including Nubia/Kush and Ethiopia.

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