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THE FUMBLE: Leading RPG Publisher Schedules Announcement On Whether It Has An Announcement Or Not, Will Confirm In Even Later Announcement
  • 7
Olympia, WA-based Warlocks of the Shore, publisher of the industry-leading Barrows & Bearowls tabletop RPG, announced today that it's scheduling an announcement later this week to share whether it...
The Fumble: Game Master Secretly Plotting Against Online Players Who Don't Use Their Mute Button
  • 31
Cleveland, OH area BM (Barrow Master) Robert Sumner recently converted his weekly tabletop Barrows & Bearowls game to an online format due to the social complications of the current global...
The Fumble: Seasoned Warrior Laments Difficulty of Adventure-Life Balance
  • 4
Barak Strongblade, a renowned local adventurer and one of the party of beloved heroes that saved Three Oaks Village ten years ago from the goblin invasion has encountered a new, unexpected foe...
The Fumble: Major Newspaper Surprised By How Often It's Been Surprised By Renewed Popularity of RPGs
  • 20
As part of its 2019 retrospective series, the Peoria Times-Mail-Picayune recently featured a surprising article expressing surprise at how often it's been surprised over the past year by the...
The Fumble: Veteran RPG Player Suddenly Feels Insecure
  • 8
Local tabletop RPG veteran Lionel Huntsworth recently shared that he has begun experiencing feelings of insecurity around his fellow players. This reporter met with him in person to learn more...
The Fumble: World's Most Popular Tabletop RPG Offers Exciting New Player Freedom
  • 9
Olympia, WA-based game publisher Warlocks of the Shore has announced that effectively immediately, there are no actual rules for Barrows & Bearowls (B&B), their massively popular tabletop RPG...
The Fumble: RPG Publisher MoreDiceForUs Acquires RPG Publisher MoreDiceForUs
  • 16
Continuing its trend of massive growth through acquiring licenses and publishing internal projects and third-party products, British games company MoreDiceForUs Entertainment Ltd. announced...

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