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The Fumble: World's Most Popular Tabletop RPG Offers Exciting New Player Freedom
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Olympia, WA-based game publisher Warlocks of the Shore has announced that effectively immediately, there are no actual rules for Barrows & Bearowls (B&B), their massively popular tabletop RPG game. "That's correct", B&B Lead Designer Rocko "Rocko" Johnson said. "The B&B Team is boldly continuing our almost fifty-year history of tabletop RPG pioneering and innovation. In a dramatic move to...
The Fumble: RPG Publisher MoreDiceForUs Acquires RPG Publisher MoreDiceForUs
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Continuing its trend of massive growth through acquiring licenses and publishing internal projects and third-party products, British games company MoreDiceForUs Entertainment Ltd. announced yesterday it has successfully completed the process of acquiring itself. With a new license announced every seven minutes, MoreDiceForUs, known for publishing RPG and tabletop games, novels and...

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