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Michael Tresca



Michael Tresca

Minecraft: The Gateway to D&D

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Minecraft has become ubiquitous with kids everywhere who are obsessed with the crafting game, and for good reason: the game has a presence on every major game console, raking in over $300 million in revenue in 2014. Although it might seem children are frittering away their time glued to screens, my kids' transition to Dungeons & Dragons was so effortless that Minecraft may be one of the most effective means of getting a younger generation into playing fantasy tabletop role-playing games.

Your Move? Kickstarter and the Evolution of Game Crowdfunding

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The global recession hit the game industry hard, forcing developers to find new ways to fund their games. Crowdfunding has become a viable alternative, fueling a renaissance across all forms of game development. But like other kinds of crowdsourcing, crowdfunding is only effective as long as the crowd believes in supporting it. Will Kickstarter's high profile failures cause gamers to seek new crowdfunding models?

Where is My Little RPG?

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In 2006, Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) made a compelling argument for a My Little Pony role-playing game and miniature line as a means of reaching "a previously unexploited segment of the roleplaying game marketplace," girls ages 3 to 7. The press release argued that the game would be a draw for younger players, would provide "cooperative play" opportunities for girls, and act as a transitional game to Dungeons & Dragons. There was just one problem: it was all a joke. With the My Little Pony franchise grossing over $1 billion in gross sales in 2015 for WOTC’s parent company Hasbro, the possibility of a My Little Pony role-playing game is no laughing matter.

Is the OSR Dead?

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As kids who grew up with Dungeons & Dragons have gotten older, they've entered a new phase of gaming. These adult gamers now have enough influence as customers and game designers to return tabletop gaming to its roots. But if their efforts to bring back a past industry end up shaping the future of gaming, is it really Old School anymore?

Will LEGO Ever Replace Miniatures?

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LEGO, the brick-building system, has been igniting children's imaginations for decades, so it's only natural that gamers (particularly gamers with children) look at their big multi-colored pile of bricks and wonder: how can I use these in my game?

The Geekification of Everything?

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It's a good time to be a geek. By all accounts we won the culture war; Geeks have conquered the world. But maximum geek is coming, and it's steadily going to pillage our nostalgia, overwhelm us with superheroes, and ruin our games. Are we ready to pay the price?

Is the "Conpocalypse" Nigh?

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With Gen Con 2015 over, attendees can kick back their heels and reminisce about their awesome con experience. And it surely was for many people. But there were also con-goers who didn't have nearly as pleasant an experience, and it has to do with the ascension of geek culture and conventions' inability to keep up. At heart, conventions are geared for growth. It's a good thing, and convention companies work actively with hotels, restaurants, and exhibitors to ensure more and more people come to the convention. But what happens when a venue runs out of space?

COMING SOON: 5 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game



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