Basic Roleplaying

Basic Roleplaying is a d200-based system created by Chaosium, originally for Runequest, and later for Call of Cthulhu and other games.
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Basic Roleplaying: An Actual Play Review
If you haven’t investigated d100 RPGs, BRP is a great place to start
Grab Chaosium's Free Basic Roleplaying Character Sheet Pack
12-page pack includes character, NPC, vehicle, and mount sheets
Meet Ben Aaronovitch, Author of Rivers of London
Ben Aaronovitch, author of the Rivers of London novels and graphic novels, kindly agreed to talk...
Rivers of London RPG: An Interview
Lynne Hardy of Chaosium was kind enough to tell me more about the upcoming Rivers of London RPG...
Lords of the Middle Sea: An Interview
I spoke with Jason Durall about Chaosium’s upcoming Lords of the Middle Sea Roleplaying Game for...
Rivers of London and Chaosium – Talking to Michael O'Brien
A crop of novels are coming to your gaming table: Altered Carbon, Broken Earth, Dune, The...

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