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News Digest for the Week of February 7
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Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. Wizards of the Coast posts then pulls and replaces controversial Unearthed Arcana article, video game news for Dungeons & Dragons and...
News Digest for the Week of December 27
  • 10
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! New Starfinder Adventure Path, Magic: The Gathering printing error in the new expansion, the fate of a board game will be determined on...
A D&D Gift Guide for Everyone
  • 3
With D&D's popularity, either passionate players or people interested in the game are probably on your shopping list. Below are gift ideas for a variety of circumstances and interests.
News Digest for the Week of September 19
  • 4
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Descent Into Avernus released, Eberron gets a new cover, more Pathfinder 2e previews, Kickstarter in hot water for alleged union-busting...

New Digital Games Studio announced by the president of Wizards of the Coast

  • 125
Interesting. I look forward to seeing what comes of this - some thrilling ideas, no doubt, but I'm keeping myself reserved so as not to be let down should those thrilling ideas be brought into...

Fantasy Flight Games is Doing Very Well, Thank You!

  • 16
This chart from a Fantasy Flight seminar at GAMA just struck a chord with me.Which chord? Was it D minor, the saddest of all keys?

Video Review of Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game

  • 12
A video review of Temple of Elemental Evil is has been posted, and reveals a LOT of details about the game, including all the fighter's powers, the meaning of the runes on the tiles, the trap tokens, upgrades that can be purchased, and lots more. The review is by Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower and is about 15 minutes long.
State of the Mongoose 2014
  • 2
Matt Sprange has posted The State of the Mongoose, the yearly address covering what is going on behind the scenes at Mongoose Publishing. Highlights include a new way of doing business, a new skirmish game set in the ancient word, a 3D WWII dogfighting miniatures game, a new look for the Traveller RPG, the new edition of Paranoia, miniatures for Judge Dredd, plus some news about video games.

[Tabletop] Patrick Rothfuss, Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton and Brandon Laatsch play Lords of Waterdeep

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Wil Wheaton and guests Felicia Day (Actress, Producer, Writer -- The Guild), Pat Rothfuss (Author -- Name of the Wind, The Wise Man's Fear), and Brandon Laatsch (Filmmaker and Co-creator of the FreddieW channel on YouTube) play Lords of Waterdeep!

Wil Wheaton's TABELETOP #14: Pandemic

  • 4
Wil Wheaton and guests Ed Brubaker (Writer—Captain America, Criminal, Angel of Death), Robert Gifford (Founder—Geek Chic), and Morgan Webb (Host—X-Play) play Pandemic over on Geek & Sundry's latest episode of Tabletop. Pandemic is a cooperative board game designed by Matt Leacock and published by Z-Man Games in 2008, based on the premise that four diseases have broken out in the world, each threatening to wipe out a region. The game accommodates 2 to 4 players, each playing one of five possible specialists: (dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher or operations expert). The game is unlike most boardgames as the gameplay is cooperative, rather than competitive. Through the combined effort of all the players, the goal is to discover all four cures before any of several game-losing conditions are reached.

Halloween Horror For 5E