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Lords of the Middle Sea: An Interview
  • 3
I spoke with Jason Durall about Chaosium’s upcoming Lords of the Middle Sea Roleplaying Game for Basic Roleplaying. Based on Chaosium’s second board game of the same name, published in 1978, the...
News Digest for the Week of August 14
  • 4
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! ICv2 Quarterly Sales Rankings in, Masters of the Universe RPG announced, life-size Pathfinder goblin figure, Dungeons & Dragons themed...
Rivers of London and Chaosium – Talking to Michael O'Brien
  • 1
A crop of novels are coming to your gaming table: Altered Carbon, Broken Earth, Dune, The Witcher, and more. For their part, Chaosium joins the party with an amazing entry, Rivers of London...

COMING SOON: 5 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game



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