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What are the best D&D adventures of all time? I take a look at four decades of Dungeons & Dragons adventures and present to you the 15 Best D&D Modules Of All Time, from Night Below to The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh to Ravenloft.

Covers Preview for Elemental Evil Adventurer's Handbook and Princes of the Apocalypse!

So, it's official now. The Elder Elemental Eye has been somehow released from The World of Greyhawk to unleash havoc in the Realms. No fantasy world was described in more detail than the Forgotten Realms, and they still manage to produce not one, but two storylines in a row with themes and antagonists that have nothing to do with the Realms. Good job, Wizards.

Waibel's Rule of Interpretation (aka "How to Interpret the Rules")

The only CORRECT interpretation is the one I say! :eek::cool::p The sooner the rest of the world gets that, the sooner we can all sit down and have fun...and end all fantasy rpg forum arguments everywhere. :lol: heheheh. [Seliousry though, nice chart. :) ]

Lego minifigure: Mind flayer

Doe he come in the Lego Cthulhu set?

New 5E Adventures Coming From Goodman Games

Awesome news!
Many folks now have all three core rulebooks for D&D 5th Edition - the Player's Handbook, the Monster Manual, and the Dungeon Master's Guide. All three are getting great reviews, currently trending at 92.5%, 89%, and 95.5% respectively. But which one do you feel is the strongest of the three books? Me, I vote for the DMG. It's so crammed full of material, that even non-D&D players should...
I've made a couple of changes to my live Hot Roleplaying Games chart. The chart monitors over a quarter of a million forum members and approaching a thousand blogs on a selection of major independent RPG discussion forums to create an overall sample of what games are being discussed on the web.

DMG Preview 4: Artifacts!

I'm not super fond of the art for the dragonorb. It looks more-knick-knack and less crystal-ball.
After Vince Calouri was pushed out of Wizards of the Coast he was replaced by Chuck Heubner. Chuck basically had to manage Wizards on the downslope from the Pokemon salad days. Hasbro has been through many boom & bust cycles in the toy business and they have a standard response when it happens: cut headcount and reduce overhead. Since Wizards was de facto the only part of the business that had...

Off to see the Wizards: The day that WotC showed me D&D 5th Edition

This is one of three articles covering this announcement. The other two articles are WotC Seeks Unity with a New Edition and Bet You Wish Your Workplace Looked Like WotC? It was a pretty normal day in early winter last year. I was waiting to see if I could get a few questions answered by Mike Mearls, head of R&D for Wizards of the Coast. I heard the ping of an e-mail and saw that it was...

This Week in TTRPG


A moody game in a dark city full of spies, revolutionaries and strange magic.
Ever since Toy Story debuted, I've wanted rules to play with army men. Now we can!
Knave 2e offers great resources for any OSR style game.
A great small sandbox for old school gaming.

Dungeons & Dragons

From libraries to trading stalls this secretive order uses what they know to influence entire kingdoms.
Here are the D&D events WotC is holding at Gen Con this year.
3,000 copies available ahead of September release.
Hight previously oversaw the World of Warcraft franchise.
The sets include Ravenloft, Tomb of Horrors, Vecna Lives!, White Plume Mountain, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.
There might even be a rescue involved—if the adventurers are fast enough.

Industry News

Tabletop Mirror with integrate the chat features of Role Gate into its platform
Hight previously oversaw the World of Warcraft franchise.
Your backing helps Owen's fight against cancer and gets you a book of cartoons by Stan!
DEI grants for publishers and retailers open for applications

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