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Travel through time, switch bodies, and solve a series of mysteries to save the world in the Tales from the Loop: Out of Time adventure. For GMs running games in the modern world, an additional three chapters provides adventure ideas covering antagonists, NPCs, locations, mysteries, and more.
There are many avenues to get oneself into role-playing games, but one such avenue that is making a come-back is the Solo adventure. Donathin Frye & Keanna Shaw have delivered a splendid example of a solo adventure that is still flexible enough for traditional play should you want it. Interested in going to hell? Well, put on your fire-proof boots and come along.
Gamers don't usually ask for a revision to an existing adventure unless it's to adapt it to a new edition, yet that's exactly why Wizards of the Coast produced the new edition of Tyranny of Dragons. Fans online have been asking for an updated edition for some time. The fact that Tiamat and the Cult of the Dragon, especially one very prominent Tiamat follower, factors into the newest adventure...
Have you been missing a level 1-20 epic adventure in your 5E gaming? Well James Introcaso and Johnn Four deliver an experience that is well beyond the typical in The Demonplague. SPOILER SPACE: There may be the tiniest of spoilers ahead (or perhaps not) as it can be hard to talk about an adventure without them. The Long & The Short: Demonplague is a dense and well written campaign, with...
I have to be honest. I have a lot of adult responsibilities going on. What Stephen King calls stark raving reality. So when Wendy’s (yes the hamburger joint) released an art and map filled 93 page RPG called Feast of Legends in PDF and in print at New York Comic Con I had to dive in (PDF for me).
Officers sacrifice us to unlock the powerful Whispers of otherworldly Things from beyond the torn Veil. We’re all at constant risk of Corruption. I have managed to escape so far, but soon there will be no one left. Tell Mother I’m sorry. I’m never going home. Never Going Home (PDF and print can be requested from Wet Ink Games on Facebook) is a unit focused role-playing game set in horror...
Play a judicator and try to keep law and order in the decaying enclave of Elysium. You want your House to lead the way back to the surface and a new dawn in Mutant: Elysium.
For all the swords, magic and monsters that run through the pages of Band of Blades it stands utterly distinct from traditional fantasy RPGs. Where others dream of shelf-spanning sagas, it instead captures the compact, carefully-plotted feel of a modern TV series – one soaked in all the darkness, blood and death that viewers could wish for.
The seeds for Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus were planted in last year's release, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes (MToF). At the time, D&D Lead Designer Jeremy Crawford described the theme of that book as “conflict” and the chapter on the Blood Wars between devils and demons in the D&D multiverse is the foundation for Descent Into Avernus.
In Dungeons & Dragons lore and games, jokes are frequently made about Baldur's Gate going to hell or being hell. With the newest adventure book, Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus that's a real (so to speak) and distinct possibility.
To go with the official release of Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus (my review will be released shortly), Wizards of the Coast is releasing a few accessories. As with some other recent books, like Tomb of Annihilation and Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica, a dice set is one of them, but Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus Dice and Miscellany is more than a few polyhedrals.
Shadowrun was my first real roleplaying game. While I’d played BattleTech before and I knew about Dungeons & Dragons growing up, Shadowrun was my real first introduction to tabletop roleplaying. So you can imagine that I have high expectations for a new edition of the game of cyberpunk and urban fantasy. The good news is the rules for this edition are probably the most streamlined with all the...
The Entromancy RPG is a Cyberpunk-Fantasy hybrid from designer M.S. Farzan. It is built on a 5E structure, but with additions to the system and the occasional nod to the D20 days. The design team kickstarted the game in 2018 and Entromancy became available in late spring of 2019. Like many games and settings it was inspired by a desire to write a book and so this world of late 21st century San...
Fate-chosen undertake great adventures, fight dangerous monsters, resist protean corruption, and overcome insidious threats in Fateforge, a quintessential D&D experience. Fateforge consists of five books with this core book as book one.

Kobold Guide To Combat: Get All Meta-Combat with Leading RPG Game Designers!

This fall, Kobold Press has gathered essays from some of the brightest Game designers and theory-crafters into a new anthology. The Kobold Guide To Combat takes a look at the why’s and the how’s of Combat in Role-Playing Games from the authors of some favorite RPG systems!

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Knave 2e offers great resources for any OSR style game.
A great small sandbox for old school gaming.
Increases the magical nature of Shadowdark.
Space stations, pirates, and fungi make a mix of horror and adventure.

Dungeons & Dragons

The UK's Royal Mail is following the US Postal Service in releasing 50th Anniversary D&D stamps.
Tell him no if you like—just be ready for the unexpected if you do.
D&D historian Ben Riggs delved into the facts.
"Largely a new class!"
Give your players some puzzles they can really get a grip on.
Free League’s campaign for The One Ring and Lord of the Rings 5e coming in August

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DEI grants for publishers and retailers open for applications
Backerkit crowdfunding for new community streaming service is live
The ENNIE Awards are pleased to announce this year's nominees.
A third party may have accessed customer names, emails, IP addresses, and last 4 digits of CC#s

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