5E Why does 5E SUCK?
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    Why does 5E SUCK?

    What do you HATE about 5th Edition?
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    Nothing. If there is something I don't like about it, I ignore it or change it.

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    If you hate it, make your own system or invest in another. That's why Pathfinder came about.
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    Nothing. It's not perfect, but being someone who never played anything but 1e before 5e came along, it's a welcome and logical evolution from where I started.
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    Not a thing. I house rule a few things to better fit my style, but it is very good out of the box and nothing in 5e is bad enough to actually hate (or even strongly dislike).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werebat View Post
    What do you HATE about 5th Edition?
    It's hard to say I hate anything about 5e itself (quibbles here and there, but it's solid)....maybe the stealth rules? Yeah, I hate that they phoned in the stealth rules. Sneaking about is not an unimportant part of the game, and they were like "lol idk, whatever the DM says I guess?" Unsatisfactory! They had to have like 3 other drafts of stealth rules they opted not to use, I could've at least used one of 'em as a variant!

    Though more than that, a phenomenon about 5e that I do find becoming a pet peeve of mine is older-edition-itis: presuming a rule works a certain way because it worked that way in pre-5e. Stuff like there not being such a thing as delaying your turn, or trying to fit one massive encounter into a day and have it be challenging without taking into account the expected pace....it's not that you CAN'T have a delay action or have one big encounter in a day, it's that there's a reason these things aren't around and you should probably take those reasons into account when you're fiddling around with it.
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    Wow...if this isn't flame-bait, I don't know what is! Sure, I'll through the first match...

    I hate trying to answer questions posed by players who just can NOT grasp that "It's vague on purpose, the DM fills in the blanks" is a perfectly viable 'rule'. And then having to answer the same thing in a slightly different manner. Over and over, and over...and OVER...and OVER again. They come into 5e expecting the mechanically tight numbers and rules-system that their previous incarnation had. When they don't find it, they loose their kittens! They scream about "unfinished rules", or "broken mechanics", or supposedly needed "errata" or they can't even play the game. All the while, no matter how many times, or how many different ways we (general we) try and help them by explaining that 5e doesn't roll that way...that the DM in 5e is required to run a smooth game by adjudicating and just making up on the fly...it just doesn't sink in. It's like there's a mental block keeping them from accepting that what the DM says is more important and "correct" than what the rule book says.

    That's what I hate about 5e.

    Oh, that and that it now constantly fights my brain for being in the top 3 of my all-time favorite RPG's (which was already crowded by me having 4 of them!).

    On the flip side, one of the things I LOVE about 5e: that they made both Feats and MulticlassingOPTIONAL. That right there has already saved me (probably) hours of arguing, rule-fiddling, and beating myself up about wanting to nix some, and change others. Not that my players were ever really keen on Feats (we never liked them, really), but anytime we played PF it was one of those things they felt they HAD to put serious effort into multi-level character planning to get some feat chain or something. Multiclassing was much the same. At least now I can say "Don't worry about it...we aren't using them" and nobody feels pressure to choose them or even think about them.


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    I don't HATE anything, because I long since reached the conclusion that "haters" are a corrosive influence on the RPG community and they should either STFU or GTFO.

    Having said that, I don't particularly care for having six different saving throws. Three was enough.

    And I find the initiative system, basically unchanged from 3E, rather annoying.

    The concentration mechanic could be better. Game balance took a giant dump on fun, there.

    And the "rulings not rules" approach seems to be a blanket excuse for sloppy writing throughout the text. The authors should have clarified their intent, not just written off every single vague rule in their books as something to be decided by the GM.

    And in spite of all that, 5E is still the best version of D&D I've seen yet.
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    Not much to hate. I have quibbles with the vision rules, Halfling art, and the fact that it's apparently easier to heal a mortal wound than recover from exhaustion. The biggest one for me personally is the delay on the OGL and that has more to do with loving the system rather than hating it.

    Thats a pretty damn short list of complaints.

    Surprised no one has complained about the release schedule yet, complete with emotionally-charged, anecdotal evidence that WotC is totally losing tons of money (or my favorite, "leaving money on the table") and fan interest by not publishing more material catering to XYZ.
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