3.5 Magic Item Crafting
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    Magic Item Crafting

    I play an unarmed ability-damage focused cleric//monk (ClericZilla style)in a DnD3.5e campaign. However, I have been struggling some with the constructs we have been hitting lately, and I was wondering whether the following magic item is correct:

    Humanoid essence in a wonderful item as a use-activated ability. Essentially, whenever I make an unarmed strike against a construct, attempt to humanoid-essence them into being affected by me.

    Cost: 5 x 9 x 2000=90000. Sucks, but I can manage.

    I am not sure what slot this would go in.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    First, it is a wondrous item. Second, what’s “humanoid essence”?

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