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    D&D General Suggestions for Rooms in an Adventurers Guild HQ

    barracks mess hall kitchen treasury armory training rooms (archery, melee, hand to hand*, magic) library & records meeting rooms lounge All centered around a grand hall. * Edit - by hand to hand I meant to say unarmed combat including wrestling & grappling
  2. akr71

    D&D 5E What is Your Favorite WotC 5E Setting Book, and Why?

    I voted for Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. I recently purchased the Beadle & Grimm's boxed set and have been devouring it in advance of a little Hallowe'en sidequest. While I may never run a long campaign there, I can certainly see myself getting a lot of use out of it. I do own Icewind...
  3. akr71

    D&D General How many of your 5E D&D books have you used?

    TL/DR Going forward I'm only going to buy adventures if I'm going to run them or I can use it immediately as a source book. Though the anthologies of short adventures are tempting. I want some crunch with my lore - that is, if I'm going to read about ancestries, monsters or creatures, I need...
  4. akr71

    D&D 5E Where to next? (post LMOP)

    Does it have to be a purchased adventure? Its been years since I've run it, but if I remember correctly LMoP has a lot of hooks for your own content. There's a found 'treasure map' in the mines. What's the Red Wizard after? Maybe there are ancient ruins that need exploring (and have more...
  5. akr71

    D&D General What makes a good setting book?

    I also own it, but I don't consider it bad, just overpriced. It has the shortest page count by far but the price didn't really reflect that. Bigger maps, especially for cities and towns, would have been nice. Back to the question at hand. What do I think makes a good setting book? Maps, lots...
  6. akr71

    How do you like (or don't like) the Savage Worlds rpg?

    My group has been playing SW as our 'side game' for a few months now, maybe closer to a year. I'm a player rather than the DM in our regular game, so it was entirely new to me. The one running these sessions has said "I'll play any game, but as far as running, I only want to run Savage Worlds...
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    D&D 5E Fizban's Treasury Dragons Ranked By Challenge Rating

    Yes, that caught my eye too. How could it not?
  8. akr71

    D&D General Styles of Roleplaying and Characters

    If you watch his live play, Matt Colville's players are definitely roleplaying and definitely not Roleplayers.
  9. akr71

    D&D General Do you play D&D (or other RPGs) with your family?

    Yes. Back in the late 70's my dad brought home the basic boxed set and he DM'd for me and my brother. It didn't last too long, but it got me hooked on the game. My wife & I played loads of Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, & Neverwinter Nights back in the 90's and early 2000's. In January 2015, my...
  10. akr71

    D&D 5E Looting during combat wtf ?

    What? I said the opponents would gang up on the 'searching' character. I did not say anything about overriding a player's decisions or ignore rules.
  11. akr71

    D&D 5E Looting during combat wtf ?

    Yep, if that happened at my table, the monsters would focus their attention on the character(s) doing the looting. If a player complained, I would explain that 1) the monster knows you are distracted and an easy target; 2) if the opponents are even semi-intelligent they would be super offended...
  12. akr71

    D&D 5E The Hags of 5E

    I have to admit, that is exactly what came to mind when I saw the thread title "The Hags of 5E"
  13. akr71

    Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game Kickstarter is live!

    Stretch goals are cool and all, but at this point I hope Magpie just sits back and lets the KS run its coarse. More stretch goals give more areas for the project to be delayed. As an alternative to additional things to include, they could add more art, offset the production cost, or print more...
  14. akr71

    D&D General What wastes time at your table?

    Not being ready for your turn is my number 1. I don't mind answering questions at the start of your turn like "do I have a clear shot?" or "which one is injured?" or "can I get there with my movement?" but if its clear that you haven't been paying attention then I do get irritated. Figure out...
  15. akr71

    D&D General New Player Question: wouldn't carrying a bow or crossbow be really noisy for a Rogue?

    The Way of Shadow Monk mixed with a few levels of Rogue Assassin for the sneak attack.