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    Psychics Handbook from Green Ronin

    I realize I'm several years behind the curve, but I just bought this book today and would love to introduce it into my upcoming campaign. I just have one question, though. Does the Psychic class get the psychic skills in addition to the regular skills offered to players, or are they substitutes...
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    10,000 Wild Surges

    Several months back, I sent out to those who requested them, two tables of 10,000 wild magic effects each. One was a Word document and the other a .pdf. I've recently lost some files and yes, I neglected to perform a back up. If anyone out there has both these files, please email me directly...
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    My subscribed threads.....

    For some reason, when I try to go to this link, all I get is this: Warning: require_once(DIR/includes/functions_user.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /subscription.php on line 58 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening...
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    So, I can't log in

    ....and I can't find where to join the community. Of course, I'm whacked on Vicodin right now, which may explain some of it. But WotC has my old login info, why didn't that just track over to the new Gleemax stuff? I'm rambling.... any pointers are appreciated.
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    Ghost Hunters Live

    Was anyone able to sit through all 6 hours of the Halloween episode? I wasn't. It was a big letdown, at least it was in the 2 hours I watched. I decided that if the show had been a D&D adventure, it would've been called "Vault of the Drowsy". Did anything exciting ever happen?
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    Legends of Sorcery

    Well, the emails do not seem to work at their website, but perhaps someone here who's purchased Legends of Sorcery and has experience with the system can help me out. I may have missed it, but how does the "spells per day" concept work using the LoS system? Surely spellcasters are not infinite...
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    Skill based Spellcasting

    Has anyone tried a skills based spell casting method; i.e. make a Spellcraft check of 10 or 15 plus spell level to successfully cast a spell? If so, how did it work out?
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    Looking for an issue

    Hey ya'll, I've been digging through my stacks of dragon looking for a particular issue, but my toilet has exploded and now I'm mopping every few minutes while waiting on a plummer. A couple years back, there was an issue about monks or martial arts. It contained a feat called "Ring the Golden...
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    Hamunaptra--Adventures in Ancient Eqypt

    I am fortunate enough to own the boxed set of this supplement, but someone told me it's also available as a hard cover book with everything collected in one volume. I can't find it on Green Ronin's site, but has anyone else seen or heard of such?
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    Google Earth

    I've heard that Google Earth can be used to simulate future placement of continents according to drift. Is this true, and if so, how is is done?
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    Ghostwalk Ghosts

    Can the "ghosts" who make up the PC's in Ghostwalk be turned or rebuked by clerics?
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    How to overcome DR in a world w/out magic weapons?

    I'm designing a new, low magic-high action campaign homebrew, but I don't want the players to have to rely on magic weapons or weapons made of special materials to overcome the DR of some foes. Is there an alternate method for resolving this? Thanks!
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    Rate this Race!

    I'd like the opinion of the wise and learned members of this august assemblage regarding this home brew race. I've taken the Neandertal (partially based on Jean M. Auel's novels) and added some abilities of the Rilkans from Magic of Incarnum. Is the LA +0 or higher? Does it seem playable or...
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    Ok...sell me on the Hollow Earth RPG from Exile Game Studio

    Yeah... I'm unemployed and going game spending mad. I grew up reading the stories of E.R. Burroughs' world of Pellucidar, and would love to run a game in that setting. Has anyone played or reviewed this game?
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    Sell me on "Buy the Numbers"

    I'm a total fanboy when it comes to customizing characters for D&D. I was a big fan of TSR's Skills and Powers rules, and I recently discovered "Buy the Numbers". What is your opinion of this rule set?