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    Freeport: The City of Adventure

    It's a HELLA lot for a book, but if I had it to spend I would!
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    95 PATHFINDER Classes?

    I actually prefer the spell-less ranger over the core version.
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    Netbook: The Book of Forbidden Lore

    What .pdf are you talking about? It doesn't exist! There are no clandestinely converted monsters to be found here or anywhere else!
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    Psychics Handbook from Green Ronin

    I realize I'm several years behind the curve, but I just bought this book today and would love to introduce it into my upcoming campaign. I just have one question, though. Does the Psychic class get the psychic skills in addition to the regular skills offered to players, or are they substitutes...
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    Need some good flavor text to describe a stunning beauty

    She stands before you, her gaze dark and cold like the bottom of a well. Her night-dark hair frames her face in the manner of a bride's veil, and she smiles in anticipation. She is confident of her power, and knows she draws strength not from the fickle will of her gods, but by their own...
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    What formed your idea of what D&D is to you?

    I guess I have two examples. My first D&D experiences taught me the value of winging the rules when necessary and the importance of good descriptions. The second one was the value of a good story that linked all the adventures together to form an epic story arc that everyone loved and talk...
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    Sign of Things to Come?

    I had a similar experience running my son and one of his friends in a Star Wars game. My son could NOT make the kid understand that what applied to Halo did not apply to the pen and paper game. So when the kid tossed a grenade at a stormtrooper inside the cockpit of their ship, they lost...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 GRINDHOUSE Classic Adventures

    Evidently, I've been running Grindhouse Adventures for 25 years and didn't know it.
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    ENworlder: How long have you been gaming?

    I passed 25 years this past September. I barely get to play these days, but hope springs eternal and all that.
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    D&D is awesome

    D&D pulled me from a foxhole in Nam. Seriously, I've been playing for 25 years now (far less now than ever, though). But it's been my number one pastime for 2 and a half decades. D&D is awesome!
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    Tell Me About M&M

    We played DC Heroes rabidly for 12 years, and when the guy running that campaign "retired" from gaming after his divorce, our supers games ended. That was in 2000. Part of the problem is we barely ever get to play anymore. And the general consensus is "well, let's just play D&D. That way...
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    Tell Me About M&M

    I can tell you that I own some of the books and can't get any of my group to play it.
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    When was YOUR Golden Age of Gaming?

    September 1985 to December 86. Nearly non stop gaming and ignoring college. The second was from 1992 to 2000.....DC Heroes and 2e D&D.... 8 years of nonstop good times.
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    For the EN World Metalheads. Introducing new bands.

    I really like Stream of Passion, Edenbridge, The Sword, Rhapsody of Fire, Nemesea, Forever Slave, and Pythia.
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    100 ways to know that you're a roleplayer!

    Mine are green. I find myself wondering how many hitpoints people and animals have.