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    ZEITGEIST Help! AC and Save Bonuses for Obscurati Covers

    Right now I am heading into the end of Schism with my group and I have noticed that there is no information on the AC or save bonuses for Fortitude or Reflex in the Pathfinder edition. I looked in the lone module PDF and in the Act II compilation. Appendix J page 373 Obscurati Covers under...
  2. imars

    ZEITGEIST Printing Error in PDF for Act II, Schism: Missing Player Handout Train Schedule for Pathfinder

    I am in the middle óf running adventure 7, Schism. In Act One, Needle in a Factory, the description references "But on the table next to him he has left a folded sheet of paper (Player Handout—Train Schedules)." This handout is missing in the following versions: ZGA2-Pathfinder_POD.pdf...
  3. imars

    ZEITGEIST Cauldron Born: Which Station is Which on the Subrail Map?

    I am using the ACT I The Investigation Begins to run Cauldron Born. I am confused by the description of where the stations are. Out of the guide, I can get the following information: Darvill Station (Orange Line 2) Pardwight Station (Orange line 4) Golden Point Station (Orange western...
  4. imars

    Finished Always On Time Spoilers

    This modules went much quicker than the previous one. We ran this one over 7 monthly sessions. I had a lot of fun with this module. I printed out the train cars and pasted them on foam core. One player tried to date Boone and be attacked by him. Another player came along and freed him only to...
  5. imars

    Cauldron Born editable dossier

    We are just about to start Cauldron Born. The standalone PDF implies there is a downloadable template of the dossier on the persons of note. This note is missing in the Act One collection. Is there such a template? It would be useful to me as Ethlyn and Shijen were both killed in my campaign...
  6. imars

    Council of Thieves Adventure Path

    4 out of 5 rating for Council of Thieves Adventure Path My party was looking for an urban adventure with more diplomacy and less fighting. We ran this in monthly sessions after work for a period of two years. What we got was a running story with enough mystery to keep the plot moving through...
  7. imars

    Play reports for the Dying Skyseer

    There are no spoilers in this post, but if you visit my blog, you will find spoilers. It took us seven sessions to play this monster adventure in our monthly Pathfinder gaming group. We had a grand time playing it, though the plot was complex enough that is was a challenge to DM as well as to...
  8. imars

    Play Reports from Island at the Axis of the World: Spoilers!

    My group has just finished Island at the Axis of the World. We have been having a great time with this campaign and they are eagerly awaiting the next module. One of my favorite moments was reviewing the invasion plan with the infiltrators. One of the PCs, immediately saying, "Right, then...
  9. imars

    ZEITGEIST About to start Zeitgeist (Pathfinder) open questions

    While I agree that the unmaking of the world probably should be more than a standard action ;), the Pathfinder PRD certainly states that the spell Wish is a standard action. I am taking the extreme view to make a point.
  10. imars

    ZEITGEIST About to start Zeitgeist (Pathfinder) open questions

    Thanks for the answers! I subscribed through DriveThruRPG. Wednesday we are starting with an intro of the campaign. Have the players compare and introduce their characters. I am also going to send them through an exercise to bind their characters closer together. (Stealing ideas from FATE.) If...
  11. imars

    ZEITGEIST About to start Zeitgeist (Pathfinder) open questions

    Spirit mediums have the following power: Once per combat, as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you conjure forth a spirit from a creature that died within the last five minutes and within three miles of your current location. The spirit appears in a space you choose within...