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    3E/3.5 3.5 Only Smackdown

    just wanted to say that I, for one, am glad Carpe's back. :)
  2. reapersaurus

    Anyone know anything about Imaging documents?

    My work scans their Repair Orders, then manually records the work order # for tracking purposes in the Comments field of the file. This comments field is visible to the 98 clients, but invisible to the XP clients. The scanner isn't working very well at all anymore, and they've stopped using it...
  3. reapersaurus

    Leaked Episode 3 footage!

    The Star Wars sites have been buzzing about this I think. In case there's a Star Wars fan who hasn't heard about this yet, and wants to see a work-in-progress that was apparently screened to Target execs, here's a link. Spoilers there, I'm sure. (I gotta admit, the sabre battle looks amazing.)
  4. reapersaurus

    3E/3.5 Please Rate Improved Overrun 3.5

    Apparently, WotC has STILL never seen an American football game... :rolleyes:
  5. reapersaurus

    Sultans of Smack

    Interesting how you accept it when it's directly from Caliban, but when I said almost the same exact thing (in fact, I was paraphrasing Caliban), it was dismissed out of hand by a few people. P.S. I thought that this thread wasn't supposed to use 3.5 stuff? (Complete Warrior)
  6. reapersaurus

    LotR Supertrailer online

    http://www.movie-list.net/exclusive/lotr-supertrailer-480x204.mov It's an impressive (and strangely moving) 6.5 minute trailer (51 MB) encompassing the entire Trilogy. Apparently it is from the Bonus DVD that comes with the Internet-only deluxe version of the Return of the King soundtrack. I...
  7. reapersaurus

    A Critique of the LotR BOOKS

    Inspired by the Disc 3 of TTT:EE, I am wondering if people would be interested in hearing about / debating about possible MISTAKES, and bad writing in the original Tolkein Lord of the Rings. We all are aware of how absolutely beloved this work is. I have seldom read any analysis or detailing of...
  8. reapersaurus

    3E/3.5 Best Overall Fighter/Mage Prestige Class... 3.5

    IMNSHO, what you describe (the latter wizard monster-basher) should not be viable in D&D.
  9. reapersaurus

    Sultans of Smack

    The funny thing is, that arguably the most-abusive PrC of ALL is the Spelldancer, from WotC's Magic of Faerun. And the hilarious thing is, Jeremy's wondrously-broken Spelldancer cheese is completely by the rules. It hasn't been errated, or FAQ'd at all. Nothing is stopping every single 3.0 Smack...
  10. reapersaurus

    3E/3.5 3.5 Charge revisited

    ROFLMAO!!!! Oh, god that's a good one. I was thinking something similar to that when reading Artoomis' explanation of it.... man, it's amazing what this "game" has come to (in some circles).
  11. reapersaurus

    Dateline NBC just ran a hatchet-job on RPG's?

    My wife just called me in to see a bit on Dateline NBC about a teacher who hosted a gaming club, and was on trial for killing his wife and daughter. SOMEHOW they worked in Vampire the Masquerade into it, even though I couldn't tell one bit of evidence that pointed towards RPG's being involved...
  12. reapersaurus

    3E/3.5 3.5 Only Smackdown

    you know what? I hardly even give a crap about the "rules" anymore. Rules lawyering and grammar-dissecting nonsense has made "the rules" a completely impossible thing to try to define anymore. I'm much more confident in playing a game that has obvious rules "in spirit" than in playing a game...
  13. reapersaurus

    3E/3.5 3.5 Only Smackdown

    I do not believe that Beads of Karma stack. Nor any of the other similar items that have only recently been brought up here. I think it is fairly straightforward in the rules that Beads of Karma are not meant to stack. They are from the same source, and it doesn't say anywhere that they...
  14. reapersaurus

    3E/3.5 3.5 Only Smackdown

    oh, come on, now. this is getting a bit ridiculous. What's the point of working up anything that relies on the Bead of Karma being 0 gp? It really doesn't matter what typo the DMG has, it's obvious that it will cost more than 0 gp, and IIRC, isn't it priced in the SRD?
  15. reapersaurus

    How does alish2o have a 375K avatar?

    Sorry if this has been covered already... I don't know who he is. I see he's a Community Supporter. 375K animated gif seems a bit excessive... ? It's cool as heck and all, but how does it work with dial-up members? edit: oh - here's the avatar: