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    Sell Me On WotBS / Zeitgeist

    Looking to buy a 1-30 4e AP, and I've heard good things about both. Authors are welcome to toot their own horns, if you care to comment. :) Alternatively, folks are welcome to sell me on any other 1-30 AP for 4e.
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    4E Sweet spot of 4e

    If I had to pick a sweet spot as a player or DM, it'd be either 10th, 20th, or 30th level -- because PCs get all the 'toys' of their current tier. If I had to pick a level to game in for twice-annual game days with some old pals, it'd be 10th -- because they'd get all the heroic 'toys,' without...
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    5E Do You DM or Play with Flair?

    I’ve been hankering for a homebrew campaign, and I’ve got a few ideas to add a new spin on the old classics. Gygax and Arneson put campaign-inspired flair into many classes as they appeared, and I think it’d be fun if every class had a bit of flair. Potential rules details which I may have...
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    4E New gamemaster to 4e

    Hey, tuxedoraptor! Like MoutonRustique advises, D&D is a very good game and you can trust it 99% of the time. And that problematic 1% is easy enough to deal with. In fact I wrote a blog post with my 7 advisories to new 4e DMs, as well as a short discussion on where 4e fits into D&D's entre of...
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    4E Core 4E vs. Essentials

    You're right, that was a total brain fart on my part. My distaste for themes is based on things already mentioned: Another package of doohickeys for new players, one more axis of optimization for veterans, and no clear necessity to bring them in.
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    4E Core 4E vs. Essentials

    Laugh XP for this, I had no idea. :D Interesting, I know themes became pretty popular but I felt like they were an unnecessary addition to the chargen process from day 1. The best-written ones are those that grant class skills to players who want to play a pious fighter or whatever, and as a DM...
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    4E Core 4E vs. Essentials

    Definitely core over 'essentials.' (What a misnomer that is, it's even missing an important non-combat part of the game!) For pretty much all the reasons Tony mentions -- core design is consistent, which frees me up as DM from having to worry that too many or too few encounters per day will...
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    Speculation about "the feelz" of D&D 4th Edition

    I and a few gamers I know have stuck with 4e, or transitioned to other games. One of them was loving 2e last time I talked to her. Which, coincidentally, was my first edition and introduction to tabletop role playing. I found that 3e was less fun to read but more fun to play than 2e, and that 4e...
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    4E Who's still playing 4E

    You're not alone. I have zero interest in anything D&D until its sails are readjusted to send it in a less nostalgiac direction. Whether that direction is a U-turn back to the 4e style, or perhaps an entirely new heading, WotC may well catch my interest again. But I've owned and played three...
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    4E Thing I thought 4e did better: Monsters

    Indeed. Certain members here are twisting 4e into strange knots and squinting very hard at 5e for the sake of this edition war.
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    4E Thing I thought 4e did better: Monsters

    Gotta say, monsters are one of the big reasons I've stuck with 4e. The variety of levels and abilities, clear levels vs. fuzzy CR-math, simple encounter guidelines, clear creation-by-level guidelines vs. wonky tack-a-CR-on-afterward guidelines, and the minion/standard/elite/solo roles...this...
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    4E Throwing ideas, seeing what sticks (and what stinks)

    Amusingly, I just this autumn created a strategy card game based on Magic, and ended up splitting the traditional deck into two: the Library (spell cards) and the Journal (lands)! Not much else to say, other than that I heartily approve of any idea that combines cards and D&D. :)
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    3E/3.5 Issues that might arise from a "core book only" 3.5 campaign and possible fixes?

    It's in the Complete Divine, and it became an auto-include variant in my campaigns as soon as I discovered it. I would also ask my DMs to allow me to use it whenever I played a cleric. Even aside from balance issues, d20-izing Turn Undead is a vast improvement in my book, especially when new...
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    4E [4e] Paladin (feat) advice needed

    FWIW, as a player, I'd be strongly tempted to narrate every single one of my boons as a skill or inherent trait. Or ask my GM to give them to me in that form. Even if my GM promises never to take away my stuff, there may be situations where non-takeawayable boons are advantageous. "Hey hey hey...
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    Help Me Make My Skill Challenge Fun

    I wasn't able to make SCs fun in 2008, and gave up after a few tries. But now I'm running the dungeon area of a Dungeon adventure, and I'm less than enthusiastic about playing through it in the traditional one-room-at-a-time fashion. There are lots of 5-foot corridors, traps, and isolated...