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Dark Sun 5E Campaign Guide & Monster Manual (link) 1.7

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A long-term project converting AD&D's Dark Sun to 5E, utilizing resources from 3rd edition resources (, Dragon magazine), innumerable homebrew projects, 4E material, and years of experience playing the setting. The goal was to preserve the 3 pillars of the setting: (1) unique and flavorful races, (2) psionics, and (3) defiling.

The Monster Manual file, even B&W, was too large for upload and instead is linked here.

It contains 83 pages, including dozens of iconic creatures converted primarily from Dragon Magazine's 3rd edition conversion, except where those deviated materially from original AD&D design. In addition, a CR index is included with canon monsters from other sources, legal originally on Athas, as well as some that would probably be suitable, giving you a plethora of foes to toss at your PCs.
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