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1001 Villain Sayings/Threats


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Thread necros happen all the time and are no big deal. Sometimes, it’s even a service to the community when someone dusts off a really good one!

Welcome aboard!

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Necro or not, here's a line from a villain that really got my player's blood boiling:

When they dragged the dreaded pirate captain Karagoz before the Countess, he said:

"A lot of good memories in this hall. I see you got the floor stains out."

He hinted at the time when the Countess was still a child, and he forced her father and uncle to watch as he severed her arm. Her uncle was also present as he said his vile words and his face winced with pain and anger behind clenched teeth, much to the delight of Karagoz.

The reply of the Countess however was far more devastating...

"You are a proud man aren't you? Very much obsessed with being known and feared throughout the Emerald Coast. It will sadden you to hear that after today, no one will know what became of you. You probably want me to sentence you to all manner of cruel punishments, but I have no desire to become like you. So after today, we are all just going to forget about you."

"You threatened to cut off my arm, if my father would not tell you where he hid the people of this town. It must have frustrated you to no end that he still would not give them up. But today, you are going to find out where he hid them. And I think you will find it a most unpleasant place. I'm sure you and your crew will get to know each other really well, down there in that dark pit, without food."

"Throw him and his crew into the old well and seal it with a heavy stone. From today hence forth, we will forget the name Karagoz and what became of him."


These are from various movies...

Death is only the beginning

I'll swallow your soul

There's a secret song at the center of the world and it's sound is like razors through flesh

No tears, it's a waste of good suffering

We have such sights to show you

See, it's a lot scarier when there's no motive
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