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1001 Villain Sayings/Threats


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"Understand this, as you lay there dying you are not alone. Soon the rest of your kin will follow. The (pc's family name) line stops here."

Consider this one yoinked :D

One of my villians sends the characters happy little notes such as "You have such a nice familar" and "I love the new armor you've been wearing. It brings back fond memories of when I created my first magic item. Sadly, it was flawed."

This causes my players some very anxious moments as they start second guessing themselves.:p

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words of wisdom

Draxus the Tainted said:
22. "Hello Clarice!"

the lines that send chills down your spine are best - gotta love that Hannibal

2 that I also enjoyed are

"outta my way peck"


"should you choose to test my resolve in this matter you will mesure your time not and days or weeks but in Melinna in a place with no doors" gotta love that coming from a Necromancer


"(Name of PC) - Prepare for death!"

"Ask me again, when you are all my slaves!"

"Without the (name of powerful weapon or artifact PC's hold), YOU HAVE NO HOPE!"

"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue - and your entrails are both."

"If there is no testing, there is no purity - and I BURN the impure!"

"Your cities will burn, your temples will fall, and YOU will be a memory!"

"You'll regret it the rest of your lives - both seconds of it." - from Demolition Man

"HOLY :):):):)! I LOVE THIS GUN!" - from Demolition Man

A modified version of Dennis Leary's rant on freedom in Demolition Man could also work well for a villain who opposed society in general.

Guilt Puppy

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"Shall we... dance?" (works best with a rapier, for some reason)

(Regarding some captured relation/friend/ally) "The look upon his/her face was priceless... You should see it. It's hanging on my wall."

"I'm not a religious man, I pray to no God. But if I were you, I would start."

"Don't feel so bad about dying today. The world ends tomorrow, anyhow."

"Before you begin, may I offer you a deal? If you pay the cost of a resurrection, I'll kill you twice."


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"The last thing you will hear with human ears, is the sound of your spongy pink skin sloughing off to make way for lustrous black chitin." -A member of the Spineless Order

"Kill you? Oh, I don't think so. There are so many things worse than death." -Mr. Spline

"I am not your enemy, I am your master. When you accept this, you will be content." -An Illithid Thralltaker

"{After your dip in the acid pit} I will take your bones, still alive and in great pain, and make them into a chair. I will call it my Screaming Chair. Every morning I will sit in it and listen to you scream." -The Zombie Ghost Demon Pirate LeChuck


"Your God may forgive you, but I will not."

"Do you have any final words?"

"I will tan your skin into leather and bind my book written in your blood."

"The worms of Hades will delight on the feast of your soul."

"If I am victorious I will hunt down your family, your friends, and all who have known you. I will slay them all. You will be utterly gone and forgotten."

and scariest of all -

"I'm a little bit country..."


One more:

A bad guy in one of my campaigns used to always leave the PCs messages that said, "The eyes are upon you!"


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There's something the... antagonist in Watchmen says towards the end, and I won't print it here because it's a massive spoiler. Suffice to say, that line will cause jaws to drop and players to lose all hope. (Even if the villain didn't really do it.)

If you haven't read Watchmen, I'd recommend it. It's a graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (Moore wrote the comics that From Hell and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are based on, amongst others).

Oh, and "It looks like a pretty flower." (Or was it 'pretty butterfly'?) Rorshach, from the same source, describing a Rorshach blot. In his mind he's seeing a dog with its head smashed open. That's one you can use for a nasty villain...


Hank Scorpio, about to fire his lazer: "What country do you like less, France or Italy?"
Homer: "Uhh... France."
Hank: "Heh heh heh, nobody ever says Italy."


A few of my favorites

One I have used "You dare to interefere with me!"

and a couplemore "Let us put an end to this"

this one from Blindguardian's song "Nightfall"

"Come lets play the song of death, I'll make it special gauranteed"


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"Always remember EVIL is just LIVE spelled backwards, and we all want ot live, don't we kiddies...."

Mock, Rock and Rule


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"You know the thing I don't get..."

"Shut up, Mr. Burton! You were not put on this world to "get it""

Jack Burton and Lo Pan, Big Trouble in Little China


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My cousins favorite line as a player is to yell at the enemy:
" When Im done with you I will crap on your stumps and bathe you in pee!"
Of course this is just before he rolls a critical fumble and either shoots himself or a team member with his bow, wich has lead to the other players giving him the title- Red Jack Reaver, Farmer bane and friend slayer.

Wippit Guud

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"I am the angel of death. The time of the purification is at hand."

"Now I have a +5 repeating crossbow of accuracy and slaying. Ho Ho Ho."

"Heroes. The other other white meat."


"I'm sorry, but I'll have to kill you before we get that 'Walking on your grave mood going' "

"I do not plan to rule the world with immortality, I plan to rule it with immorality"
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Ashrem Bayle

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Re: Villian Quotes

Lord Zardoz said:
1) "I will teach you the meaning of the words 'please, please for the love of god, GIVE ME BACK THE TOP OF MY SKULL'"


10) "There is a toll on this road. You can pay it in gold, or you can pay it in blood. Either is good for me."

That one is actually pretty darn good.
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Azure Trance

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Appropriate before the big final fight; replace Beethoven with another ... um ... campaign composer :D

I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven. Can you hear it? It's like when you put your head to the grass and you can hear the growin' and you can hear the insects. Do you like Beethoven?


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"Don't tempt me {insert name}, or you will one day wake up with the dim realisation that you are lying in your own blood."

The next one could be used both for 'good' and 'evil':

"I am Nemesis. May my Sword of Justice be sharp...

May the Instruments of my Righteousness be undefiled...

And may the Shield of my Faith be strong."
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