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[3.5] I have combined the SRD into nice PDF files (Updated)

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That's what I thought, until another player in my group pointed this out:
3.0 PHB, second printing, page 120, at the end of the section 'initiative checks' in the left column:
'If two or more combatants have the same initiative check result, the combatants who are tied go in order of Dexterity (highest first). If there is still a tie, flip a coin'
(emphasis mine)


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This is great stuff. Much, much appreciated! :D

I can understand why WOTC releases the SRD in .rtf, but .pdf is so much better for everyone not in the publishing business. This is definitely above and beyond the call of duty!


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mythusmage said:

That depends on who's playing them.:p

Seriously, the first batch of G5s is obviously for those doing serious creative/publishing work. Video and CGI editing for example. With 8 gigs of RAM we're talking serious processing here. Expect the consumer models to have space for about 2 or so gigs of RAM and a single processor. Also, don't expect them for another year.

The extra RAM has more to do with the G5's 64-bit addressing than anything else. Older chips (and all contemporary consumer chips for that matter) canot address as much memory. Also, they are using RAM that needs to be installed in pairs, in their RAM maximums, they assume that you're paying the miniaturization cost to get 1gig sticks. I thik that they will go with 4 instead of two because of the meglegible cost difference and the pairs requirement.

You are right about the consumer models, if you mean the iMacs, but I doubt that the lowend pro models will remain single processor for long, It is almost definately a matter of chip supply right now. The G5 was meant to multiprocess. So was the G4, thats among the reaons why they eventually took the line all dual

<sits waiting impatietly for his Dual 2GHz G5 to arrive in about a month...>


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Well, at the very least, it needs a link to the SRD 3.5 Competition that grew out of reveal's pdf version. The goal of this competition is to come up with the best "web-friendly" (i.e. html), "print-friendly" (probably pdf) and "miscellaneous" (PDA etc.) versions of the SRD.

Here are some samples. These are still under construction (deadline is end of August), so feel free to drop by the thread to give suggestions, or to submit your own version!

PDF version by Cergorach

PDF version by kreynolds

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