D&D (2024) 48 subclasses in the 2024 PHB: What are they?

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Li Shenron

From a story/setting perspective, the only character concepts I felt were missing from the PHB were the Swashbuckler Rogue and the Grave Cleric, plus the still missing "generic" Wizard.

From a game balance (of choices) perspective, I think each class needs at least 3 subclasses, which wasn't provided by the PHB but Xanathar covered it for me.

The Sorcerer is perhaps a special case because even the two PHB subclasses are a bit too strong concepts (Draconic) or mechanics (Wild Mage), so I think it needs more than one extra subclass.

Thunder Brother

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Ideally, each class will have 4 subclasses available to them during the playtest, with Cleric and Wizard both receiving reworked subclass concepts (they don't really need so many).

I doubt it will happen, though.

12 classes X 4 sub classes = 48.
I guess that there will be no more a sub classes for each school of magic, and no more a sub class for every cleric domain we can imagine.

Sub classes may be designed for a concrete function rather than an abstract concept.

if they want to continue into the Group concept, they can make at subclasse oriented toward each group.
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Blue Orange

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Probably the easiest way to cut down numbers is consolidate some of the 8 schools. They could have 6 and tie them to the ability scores, or 4 and tie them to the elements.

You have Abjuration (protection), Conjuration (creating or summoning something), Divination (getting info), Enchantment (mind-affecting magic), Evocation (making fireballs) Illusion (making illusions), Necromancy (working with death or the undead), and Transmutation (changing things into things).

So which ones to collapse?
2e's Netheril supplement had creating, altering, and mentalism--three might be enough if you want to even things out between the classes as far as number of classes.

They own the IP for Magic: the Gathering, so you could put Abjuration under White, Divination, Enchantment, and Illusion under Blue, Evocation under Red, Necromancy under Black, and Conjuration under Green (which always had the best monsters if I remember right); Transmutation's a bit of a wildcard.

If you're going for thematic, the most popular subclasses in the last survey I saw were Bladesinger, War Magic, and Evocation, all of which are offensive in nature. So they'd have to have some kind of war mage who's able to throw fireballs. Necromancy and Illusion were the only ones I know of that were broken out on their own at one point (Necromancy was a 2e splatbook for villains, Illusion was its own class in 1e) and are also richly thematic. I might guess Enchantment might be popular for people wanting to play mind-manipulating mages. The others could be left to a supplement (always make more money with those!).

For wizards I would expect some sort of guild. Perhaps Guild of Iconic Wizard, Guild of Necromancers (née Hollowfaust; grim, not evil), Guild of Illusionists, Lone Wolf / Self-Taught Wild Mages? The last one might be better as a sorcerer, now that I think about it.

Iconic Wizards major in Evocation, Conjuration, Alteration
Necromancers major in Necromancy, Divination, Conjuration
Illusionists major in Illusion, Enchantment, Alteration


Yeah, clerics and wizards are wildly over-represented in the 2014 PHB. That said, I think a single specialist subclass for wizard would end up being a cheat, and effectively be nine subclasses anyway.
Maybe, but look at the Genie Warlock. It's basically four different subclasses in one depending on which Genie type you pick.


He Mage
Reducing a Wizard to four subclasses is remarkable. (And needed.)

I expect Bladesinger to be one of the Wizard subclasses.

With some tweaking of specific spells, the Wizard can lose access to the Abjuration, Divination, and Necromancy schools. Then the Cleric becomes the go-to for these schools.

Evocation is an iconic Wizard school. Illusion too.


Death Domain and Oathbreaker seem like they would be added to that 41 since they were in the DMG. Unless they plan on having the 2024 DMG have subclasses in it again.

Tales and Chronicles

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Barbarian: Berserker, Totemist, Storm, Spirit Guardian
Bard: Lore, Valor, Blade, Eloquence
Cleric: Life, War, Knowledge, Fury
Druid: Moon, Land, Shepherd, Wild Fire
Fighter: Champion, Knight, Psi Warrior, Eldritch Knight
Monk: Open Hand, 4E, Shadow, Sun Soul
Paladin: Conquest, Devotion, Ancient, Glory
Ranger: Hunter, Beast Master, Stalker, Fey Warden
Rogue: Thief, Assassin, Arcane Trickster, Swashbuckler
Sorcerer: Wild, Dragon, Storm, Lunar
Warlock: Fiend, Fey, Undead, Fathomless
Wizard: War Mage, Beguiler, Conjurer, Necromancer

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