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D&D 4E 4e Power Card Blanks and Database


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I put together an Excel file for my own personal use to make and fill in trading card size blanks for the character powers in 4e. After looking at all the powers in the Player's Handbook, it appears as if most of the powers are pretty consistent through most of the levels. With this in mind I decided to attach a little database to my power card blanks to create a generator so that once I enter a character's powers it will be there for any future characters.

I liked it so much that I decided to throw a few directions on it and I added to my website for all to use. I am posting it here so that you guys can use it for your own games. Please take a look and let me know if this is something you can use, and give some constructive feedback. It meets my needs but I know some other player's are more demanding.

The link is:

I am attaching a couple of screenshots so you can see what is within the file.


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Piratecat said:
Welcome! I'll slide this over to the fan creation forum.

Thanks, I think I added this the day that there was some shuffling on the board, so I didn't see the fan creation forum. Since Morris has added a sticky for good fan creations, I think I will give this a little bump to see if anyone has any comments or suggestions.


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Came across this in a search... is this project still alive? Have all the powers been entered into the database?

Looks neat!


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Database and Cards

I've got a few sets of very graphical power cards and a SQL base that these cards have been created using and application that I wrote. Along with the Power Cards I have Feat cards and all of the Class and Racial Abilities as well (all in the database).

In addition to the Power Cards I have a growing collection of item cards, and now over 100 monster cards (though these are not yet in the database), and I'm working on getting these into a better format, so I can pretty up the cards.

I also have a set of graphical initiative cards, that we use to order the party on. These serve as mini-record sheets and they have a character image of each of the party members. Then I crank off similar image cards for monsters (no stats though, as I have a player track initiative), and I have several generic cards as well for wandering encounters as such where I don't have a card for the specific type of creature the party is fighting.

I'm new to this group, but was wondering if there's others out there that enjoy similar projects, and have templates, items, raw card data or other things to share.

Other things that I'm working on are magic items (with there own power cards), but only have items that my party has found created thus far.