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D&D 5E 5-Part Forgotten Realms Adventure Coming Next Week

From Polygon comes a report that WotC is releasing for download an anthology of five adventures for character levels 8-10 on June 29th to celebrate the Magic the Gathering: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms card set.


Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed set of cards for Magic: The Gathering, is introducing something special — and free — for fans of D&D. A substantial role-playing adventure will be made available for download starting around June 29. Wizards made the announcement earlier this month during a private press event.

In the past, new sets of Magic cards have been heralded by some excellent digital fiction — lengthy and well-written short stories that set the mood for the coming cards. This time around, publisher Wizards of the Coast is taking a different tack. Instead of short stories, it’s releasing a module for characters level eight through 10. Meris Mullaley, world-building and narrative design manager at Wizards, said that there would be five adventures. Each will run between 15 and 20 pages in total.
That's a pretty interesting level range -- presumably to make traveling the planes at some point in the adventure easier. And at a total of between 75 and 100 pages, it's a pretty significant work.
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Urriak Uruk

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Yeah, fantasy novels have gone through massive changes since WotC purchased D&D. It's hard to picture the traditional D&D novels outside of Salvatore doing well nowadays. You don't see licensed books selling the same way they did even a few years ago.

That said, once fantasy fiction settles down, I think it might be worth them revisiting the issue in a few years. For all we know, they keep an eye on the situation and are just waiting to jump back in when they've got an approach that will work in the new environment.

The only licensed fantasy series that seem to keep pumping out material is the Black Library for Games Workshop, and I really have no idea how they do it.

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The Sundering series was epic, although the marking was wildly misleading as the series, except for The Reaper was more about the Shadovar War, which was like WWII would have been like if it was occurring after a nuclear war while the earth was being reterraformed to clean up the mess.

Erin M Evans last two novels were AMAZING.

I was hoping for some stories from her, Kemp, Greenwood, Byers, Denning, etc... for AFR. That would have worked way better to pull MtG playera into FR.
If they do end up going beyond Salvatore in commissioning new novels, I'd love to see Evans be the next in line...

I just compared the price of a booster box on Amazon $170usd to various Canadian Hobby stores where its $135 to $145cad. That a huge price jacking. You maybe want to concider buying off a Canadian source.


DiTerlizzi just showed off his new art for this set, including the module-themed card. Maybe this has occurred to everyone else already, but what are the odds that the adventures WotC is going to release are those module cards? DiTerlizzi's is the Hive of the Eye Tyrant, which is definitely an adventure I'd have wanted to play back in the 1E era.
Honestly, that seems plausible: the man lands are going to be a cycle of 5 cards, there are 5 adventures...it would fit. We'll see shortly.


I could not find anything myself and think that it is on Pacific time and will drop in a hour or two or the dungeon cards for the Magic game are what they are talking about. I seem to see some things talking about the dungeon cards and how to use the new cards in your D&D game. I hope I'm wrong and there is an actual adventure to play D&D with.


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The Polygon article linked in the first post in this thread has no mention of a free adventure. Does anybody have a source that actually says this is happening?

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