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D&D 5E 5-Part Forgotten Realms Adventure Coming Next Week

From Polygon comes a report that WotC is releasing for download an anthology of five adventures for character levels 8-10 on June 29th to celebrate the Magic the Gathering: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms card set.


Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed set of cards for Magic: The Gathering, is introducing something special — and free — for fans of D&D. A substantial role-playing adventure will be made available for download starting around June 29. Wizards made the announcement earlier this month during a private press event.

In the past, new sets of Magic cards have been heralded by some excellent digital fiction — lengthy and well-written short stories that set the mood for the coming cards. This time around, publisher Wizards of the Coast is taking a different tack. Instead of short stories, it’s releasing a module for characters level eight through 10. Meris Mullaley, world-building and narrative design manager at Wizards, said that there would be five adventures. Each will run between 15 and 20 pages in total.
That's a pretty interesting level range -- presumably to make traveling the planes at some point in the adventure easier. And at a total of between 75 and 100 pages, it's a pretty significant work.
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I'm listening to MTG Weekly right now, and they say outright that he's a dragonborn and that they just didn't want to make dragonborn a new creature type.

They also briefly mentioned the 5-part adventure, that is supposed to spotlight the story of this card set... essentially, the original characters for the cards are supposed to be the people standing in for the adventure.
So either it is a mistake in a high quality promotional art piece that somehow no one noticed or dragonborn will get a makeover in the upcoming dragon centric book...


Or, it's just a minor inconsistency . . . an unimportant one.
Considering how concerned bigger companies are about their brand and their art style I find it hard to believe that no one had noticed this mistake, if it is one, until it was too late to change.
That picture probably went through half a dozen or more reviews and changes.

That the MTG guys are confusing dragonborn and half-dragons is imo more likely.

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