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Casimir Liber

ok for my campaign I need an efreet noble and a dao noble - have this so far for efreeti noble


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ok for my campaign I need an efreet noble and a dao noble - have this so far for efreeti noble

It seriously lacks defensive abilities. A typical high-level party would dogpile the Noble Efreet with status-imposing effects and finish it off fairly shortly.

The poor fellow doesn't even have Legendary Resistance!

How about giving it Firepower like that Red Dragon Solo Boss you linked to all those months ago when we were doing that Super Mega Fire Elemental?

Indeed, there might be some other abilities we can pinch from that conversion.

Oh, and I'd rephrase the Hellish Rebuke as it's no devil so "Hell" shouldn't enter the picture.

It may bathe its enemies in an inferno of flame, but fiends are not involved!



Okay, you do realize it can do a couple of hundreds points of damage per round as written?

As well as its three regular attacks with Multiattack it can make three more with Legendary Action option of Attack and it also has that Incendiary Rebuke reaction.

Its Scimitar does 5d6+7 plus another 2d8 from its Pillar of Flame (there's nothing to say it can't make its scimitar attacks while a fiery pillar. Indeed, its scimitar is the Noble's only melee attack so what else is it adding the 2d8 to? Also, shouldn't it's pillar also injure creatures near it, not just objects?

So that's six attacks each doing an average of 33½ for a 201 DPR plus a 33 point Rebuke a third of the time for another 11 DPR, for 212 in total.

With an average damage of 212 the CR Calculator says its Challenge 23 not 15!

However, that's not a very good picture because a lot of that damage is fire. Of the 212 DPR, it breaks down to 105 points of slashing from the scimitar and 107 points of fire.

If it mainly uses Hurl Flames rather than its Scimitar the Noble's DPR drops considerably and its damage is ALL fire.

That means a fire-resistant opponent only takes a half or at worst three-quarters damage, while a fire-immune opponent might take no damage at all.

That's more of a bug rather than a feature. The D&D Efreets in Al-Qadim and the like are noted for having trouble fighting each other with their fiery abilities so the nobles resort to all sorts of strategies and deceits to defeat their rivals in the royal courts of the City of Brass.

Might post a counter-proposal for an Efreeti Noble sometime later.

Before I do so, could you confirm what kind of Challenge Rating we're aiming for?


Ok, 23 does seem a bit high. Maybe 19-20 as something just shy of Adonides or something?

I'd suggest removing the Attack option from its Legendary Actions and give it more defensive low or no damage Legendary Actions instead, like producing a Smokescreen, "flame stepping" a short distance, producing a blinding flare of light, becoming a cleansing fire that can burn away a negative condition (á la Firepower) et cetera.

I'd maybe give it Extra Attack as a Bonus Action instead, so it can make three or four attacks in a round.

Would make Pillar of Flames a standard Action rather than a bonus and make it a LOT meatier. Have it produce a tornado-strength column of fiery wind so it does Fire and Bludgeoning damage and can send smaller & weaker opponents flying.

If it has Extra Attack as a Bonus it can still hack with its Scimitar as a Fire Tornado!

Don't have the time/inclination to write up a draft for that at the moment, but'll get around to it eventually.

As for the Challenge Rating, I'm not that fussed. We could easily make it Challenge 15 to 18 be modifying the numbers.

What CR would you like to aim for?


Ok CR 19 let's aim for

Started working on a rough draft but it looks like it'll take a while.

Musing about tweaking the Multiattack wording, although the current one's OK:

Multiattack. The efreeti noble makes three attacks, using any combination of scimitar and hurl flame attacks.​

I'm wondering whether the following would be slightly better:

Multiattack A. The efreeti noble makes three attacks, using any combination of scimitar attack and its hurl flame power.​

All the other variations I played around with where uglier:

Multiattack B. The efreeti noble attacks three times with either its scimitar attack, its hurl flame attack, or a combination of the two.​
Multiattack C. The efreeti noble makes up to three attacks, using its scimitar attack and hurl flame attack in any combination.​
Multiattack D. The efreeti noble makes three scimitar attacks, it can use its hurl flame power instead of any scimitar attack.​

Which do you prefer?

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