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5E: Converting AD&D Monsters to Fifth Edition

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oops - forgot to "share with community" - shared now so should be visible

Yup, that works now. Guess it's time to update the Indexes again!

EDIT: Damn it! I just noticed we missed out one of the consistent changes to "blackscale" in Reckless Frenzy: both blackscales have "The champion gains advantage on melee weapon attacks" which should be "The blackscale gains advantage on melee weapon attacks" so both abilities are identically worded.
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Casimir Liber

Ok - that dungeon #54 writeup is actually pretty interesting. Some tweaks to colour the monster. Just read and tweaked to add traits to mine as follows:


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The basics look fine but I'd favour some tweaks.

To start with, how about making it AC 14 rather than 13? Then its skin is as tough as leather armour.

A 5E Deinonychus only has Speed 40 ft. but makes up for it with the Rush trait. They're not as fast as 3E 'raptors so I'm thinking we should do the same or similar with the Utahraptor, maybe:

Speed 40 ft.​
Rush #1 (3/day). As a bonus action, the utahraptor can take the Dash action.​
Rush #2 (3 uses, recharges after Short Rest). As a bonus action, the utahraptor can take the Dash action.​

Four attacks with Multiattack seems like way too many. I'd prefer something like "The utahraptor makes two attacks: one with its claws and one with a bite or talon."

I'd lean towards the bite doing slashing damage and the talon piercing damage since that's more "realistic" (dromeosaurs have cutting teeth and their big claws would likely have worked better as stabbing weapons aimed at their victims throat or belly).

Isn't 2d10 + 4 too much damage for the bite? I'd rather the bite and talon do the same average damage. Maybe 11 (2d6 + 4) piercing for a talon, 11 (2d4 + 6) slashing for a bite?

Casimir Liber

Ah yes. meant to toughen AC. Ok all sound good and incorporated. went with Rush #1 as that seems to be the most recent vogue.


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