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Alan sees the opportunity, and rushes at the wizard...

... but does not attack. Instead, the tailor, the songsmith, and possibly the princess, reached out and plucked the crowd from the wizard's brow...

... and then, stared at it a long moment...

... and then, put it on.

No idea what's gonna happen next, but if this is what belongs to my PC, then this is a golden opportunity to take it back. 😁

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Selythin dropped from the air, hacking and smiting the evil wizard, Fib'Karna. The wizard screamed and writhed in pain as the blade found it's mark. The old man continued to blink at an erratic rate.

Alan took a chance while the wizard was toppled to dash over and wrench the crown from the long-bearded magician's head, but not before the remaining alligator-dog snapped, drawing blood. (Attack of opportunity! 4 points damage to Alan!)

Alan, dead queen's estranged progeny felt energy ripple through their body holding the crown. Alan, now glowing, set the crown on top of their curls. Radiant light flickered and pulsed. Magical energy flowed around the young tailor.

Alan/Aloe, princess and true heir to the faerie throne stood revealed in all their inner truth. The magic of the crown showed what the young tailor had truly been the whole time. (I'll let you describe yourself in more detail in your next post, Princess. Also, please check the OOC thread for full details on the magical crown. If/when you get your hands on the sceptre and ring I'll post those there as well.)

The alligator-dog was still hot on princess Aloe's heels. It snapped again but only made a loud noise as it missed, snarling.

The wizard continued to writhe around in the dead queen's torn dress, gripped the ring and rod tighter, screaming: "Never! Never you fools! You'll regret the day you messed with Fib'Karna!"

Suddenly, he vanished from sight, leaving Selythin, Eovin, and Aloe alone with the attacking chaos beast which still glowed with a purple light. The other beast was still outside the bedchamber in the hallway, still affected by Aloe's spell.

(We're still in combat, but the wizard has temporarily vanished! Turn order is still Eovin, Selythin, Aloe, Chaos Beasts, Wizard.)

* * *


There was a shimmer across the tailor, as they set the crown upon their head. And they didn't change so much as... discarded, a falsehood they'd outgrown.

Alan the tailor blew away in glittering faerie dust, revealing a face with no stubble that was softer and more fair, with blazing green eyes, pointed ears and bouncier hair. This face stared down at herself -

"Her?" Yes. "Her." That suddenly felt so right.

- and she stared down at her altered proportions, blushing a little in embarrassment, and then blinking back tears as she smiled, as deep inside her soul, she finally saw the tangled knots; her lifeline, tied around on itself, and then tied again, looping around into a twisted, knotted shape that was the result of a lifetime spent not knowing the truth. And the first of the knots began to slip free, and she knew this: this was the truth, and the truth was beautiful.

She wouldn't forget being Alan. Those experiences would always be there. The frays in the rope from the knots would still be with her. But now she knew that there was more to her. And the possibilities of who she could be... they bloomed.

"Wow," she breathed. "It was - it was all true. I - "

Then there was the snarl of the alligators, and she turned around, and snapped back to the fight. "Oh right. They're still here."

Her rapier flashed, as she thrust it at the beast that was encroaching.


Steve Gorak

Selythin screamed in anger as the wizard disappeared. He was so close to slaying him! He clearly needs to become stronger so this doesn't happen again. Turning his head, he sees the princess' transformation, and doesn't take time to reflect, as there is a beast to slay. He moves quickly, and attacks the creature with his heirloom sword.

OOC: bonus action: none
action: cast booming blade - attack with advantage 19, damage from black blade: 9 slashing, if beast moves it takes 1d6 thunder damage

Note, if the wizard moved after teleporting, he should take 1d6 thunder damage. It would be interesting to hear the boom since it would give us an idea where he is. he Has also disadvantage to wisdom checks, so perhaps his judgement isn't as good as normal ;-)

Note: Hexblade's curse active on the wizard, concentrating on hex (Wizard has disadvantage to wis checks), HP 22/30, spell slots 2/3 level 1

Steve Gorak

(Might've been a different spell than teleport, Steve. 😉)

((Just waiting on a turn from Eovin the pixie.))
OOC: I'd think that since Selythin is concentrating on hex on the wizard, he'd know if the wizard had moved more than 90ft because his concentration would have been broken. Well, I don't want to metagame this, so he'll keep thinking that its a teleport until he gets blasted again from a perhaps invisible wizard ;-)

Oh, I wanted to mention, we have to be careful, only 1 leveled spell can be cast per character turn. If its a leveled bonus action spell, casters need to cast a cantrip, or do something else that doesn't involve casting. I.e. you can't cast a level x spell as an action, and another level x spell as a bonus action. Cantrips are ok. Reactions don't count because they don't happen during a character's turn
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Eovin's poison spray caught the alligator-dog in the back, causing the beast to stagger as Selythin hacked and slashed the thing. There was a loud boom as the chaos beast snapped its jaws one last time, attempting to run away to no avail.

Princess Aloe stood in all her glory, wearing the dead queen's crown, feeling the energetic pulse through her very being. She quickly looked over, striking with her rapier, drawing black blood that sizzled on the ground of the bedchamber as the beast collapsed. One beast remained outside.

There was another loud boom as the evil wizard, Fib'Karna, servant of chaos, reappeared on the other side of the room about twenty-five feet away.

"Gah!" He screamed in pain as Selythin's booming blade did its work. "Never! You'll never win!" The old man clutched at his wounds, swaying in place, still clutching the sceptre and ring. He pointed the vizier's rod right at Selythin, unleashing another torrent of magic. Three glowing missiles spun about and struck the prince. (11 more points of damage to Selythin!)

The long-bearded wizard swooned.

The alligator-dog outside in the hallway made a loud guttural noise.

(Another round of actions!)

* * *


"Selythin!" Aloe looked from the missiles that struck home and then back to the wizard. She advanced on the wizard, intent on drawing his attention, knowing instinctively that the crown she wore - her mother's crown, but that was an emotion too difficult for right now - would protect her a little, from that, at least.

She couldn't think of anything clever to say - everything was too raw, emotionally - so she chose instead to close the gap and attack.

She lunged forth with her rapier...

... and it was expert form, as the princess finally felt at home in her body and how it moved and felt.

Steve Gorak

Selythin smiles at the princess' concern as he parries the magic missiles with a magical shield. Wasting no time, he flies to the wizard, and strikes again.

OOC: Reaction, cast shield spell. Selythin takes no damage from magic missiles
Move: fly to wizard
Action: cast booming blade - attack 20, damage from booming blade 13, necrotic damage from hex 1, thunder damage if wizard moves from booming blade 4
Selythin will also divine smite if the attack hits, for an additional 11 radiant damage

Damage summary if attack hits: 25 (13 slashing, 1 necrotic and 11 radiant), plus 4 thunder if wizard moves

Note: Hexblade's curse active on the wizard, concentrating on hex (Wizard has disadvantage to wis checks), HP 22/30, spell slots 0/3 level 1

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