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(5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP

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Eovin the pixie flew right over the wizard's head. Bright green spray rained down on Fib'Karna. He clutched at his bare arms in the dead queen's bloody, floral patterned dress. He gasped, thrashed, and kicked as he collapsed at Selythin and the true queen Aloe's feet.

The bearded wizard let out a final gasp as Eovin swooped nearby overhead. It was obvious the evil magician, thrall of Chaos, Fib'Karna had been slain.

Cousin Zenythin leaned in a nearby doorway, stepping out only after he stared at the dead old wizard for a few extra moments. "Huzzah! You have bested this skinny, decrepit old man. Bravo. Bravo. He never had a lick of a chance." Zenythin bowed and mock curtsied, waving his arm toward the corpse. He started clapping.

The rod in the wizard's hand rolled away as did the ruby ring. They still pulsed with an eerie energy, a strange magical vibration. The heroes could still hear the items calling out to them.

In addition to the magical items freed from the magician's grasp there are a few chests of coins, jewels, and other objects.

After a thorough search for any other lingering chaos beasts you know that the castle and it's treasures are yours too do with as you will. Aloe has regained her rightful place on the throne. Although her kingdom is in tatters there is a glimmer of hope. Eovin the pixie and Selythin the winged prince stand at either side of the new queen.

Perhaps with their new leadership the kingdom of 🏰 (choose a name) will regain it's former glory and rise to new heights of power and glory. There are more heroic tales of 🏰 to be told!

(Congratulations! You all level up! Eovin also inherits the Grand Vizier's Rod and Selythin gets the Lord Protector's Ring. I'll post the rest of the random loot along with the stats for said items on the OOC thread. 👊👊✊🎺)

* * *


Aloe breathed easier, once her companions were safe. She smiled at them in turn, and then regrouped with the others. She took the time to give Page a big hug, thanking her for all her help.

Then she spoke. "If you'll have me as a leader, then I believe our first goal is to secure this castle and make sure everyone is fed and healthy. Please schedule a watch, take stock of our supplies, and give me a moment to make some... er, adjustments to my garments." She blushed a little, but mentally pushed it aside. "They are chafing a little."

Steve Gorak

The wounds from the magic missiles still burning his flesh, Selythin savors this victory. He also feels a renewed sense of power, as more powerful magics flow through his body.

He states to his companions "This is an important first step, and at least we have a stronghold to initiate our reconquest of the realms that survived the onslaught of chaos. I will fly out and let the fey folk outside know that this castle is secure, and is ours. They can tend to it. They are after all your subjects my lady" he says to Aloe, bowing respectfully "Once we are rested and ready, we should venture out, and seek more survivors. We also need to secure these realms: We know there is a troll and an ogre roaming outside, and we also need to locate the portal they told me about."

OOC: Selythin will level up to Paladin Oath of Conquest, making him Paladin 3/hexblade 1.
I propose we explore outside, and go troll and ogre hunting! ;-) What say all of you? Lets RP this, ok? This will give us the time to level up.


Fae-folk of all shapes and sizes converged in the palace. The kingdom had been reclaimed. A new queen sat on the throne supported by powerful allies.

Page had been promoted from handmaid to personal assistant to the queen. The cooks went back to the kitchens. Forest pixies, brownies, satyrs, nymphs, and leprechauns brought wine and food and supplies from all parts of the kingdom.

Volunteers from across the fairie-realm helped to rebuild walls and resupply the royal retinue. The royal guard was reinstated with Selythin named as Lord Protector. A panel of special advisors was also reinstated with Eovin named Grand Vizier.

A great feast was thrown for the new queen.

Ceremonies were held in honor of Eovin the pixie and Selythin the devil-tainted elf.

Livestock and gourmet food was gifted to the heroes. The kingdom's coffers grew.

A wandering herd of bariur, relatives of Sirocco the wanderer, took up residence on the little patches of grass on the edges and corners of the large island on the edge of the river and sea. The goat people pledged themselves to the crown and queen, to protect and aid in times of peace and war. They had many sturdy carts and an eagerness to do business.

Aov Oovin, wrinkly old pixie and former grand vizier and advisor to the dead queen, decided to stay around the palace in case anyone had any questions about how things should go to run smoothly. He complained incessantly about his aching back and hobbled around on a cane taking flight for only small distances.

Sir Ralph Crenshaw, the dreaming knight, made it clear that his new glowing sword was singing to him inside his head. But, that's a good thing, dude! It was the most beautiful song, he claimed, and it was giving him instructions to get the humans back to their homes and then set off to another universe entirely. He kept humming the sword's tune as he talked excitedly about his new adventure.

Bradrick, Jim, and Bo were eager to follow the dreaming knight, hoping that his sword really did know the way. They set off together once things settled down at the castle and promised to send word if they found a way across realms.

Queen Aloe was inundated with royal requests and duties and expectations and ceremonies and so many decisions to be made. It began to be exhausting quickly.

Cousin Zenythin agreed with Selythin's plan of action. "Troll and Ogre hunting could bring us more information about how to get back to OUR universe, dear cousin...I would like to know what's become of the place... Whether it's there or not... Although I will be sad to leave. They do make decent wine here, don't they?"

* * *

Steve Gorak

Selythin had promptly settled his quarters on the top floors of the south tower. From there, he could easily fly to the the various location his function asked of him, and he had an eye on the surrounding lands. His attendants, being pixies, also didn't have a problem to reach the location.

Up to now, he had tolerated the fanfare and celebrations. He didn't care much for them, but knew they were necessary in the rebirth of this kingdom. He also tolerated his role as lord protector. His rightful place was to lead, control and conquer, but part of him was glad he wasn't the sovereign of these frivolous fey folks. He didn't see how he would organize an effective army here, and it was obvious that neighboring lands would need to be liberated, and martially oriented and more disciplined allies needed to be found.

He had organized a makeshift castle guard, but this was no army. The guards were well intentioned, but their fey nature lead them to much mischief and overall lack of seriousness. He was however glad the Bariaurs had taken residence close to the castle. Selythin had taken much time to build a relationship with the tribe's leadership. He respected the sturdy creatures, and knew they would be instrumental in defending the nascent realm.

OOC: I am assuming that all party members are together for this conversation

Cousin Zenythin agreed with Selythin's plan of action. "Troll and Ogre hunting could bring us more information about how to get back to OUR universe, dear cousin...I would like to know what's become of the place... Whether it's there or not... Although I will be sad to leave. They do make decent wine here, don't they?"

Selythin pondered his cousin's words as he savored the sip of wine he had just taken. Would my brethren be worthy of me? Some may have the fortitude, but the decadence and the pervasiveness of evil would be a problem. Besides, there were more urgent matters to address in the short term.
"What say you, Queen Aloe, can you take leave from your royal duties and would you join us in this hunt? And you, Grand Vizier Eovin? The castle is organized enough that our absence wouldn't be harmful. We need to further secure the realm, and need to find allies, as I doubt that your subjects would be able to fight off a direct attack from a chaos beasts army"


Aloe gently and gracefully dealt with the requests and the ceremonies, but it was clear that the pressure was wearing on her. She retired to her bedchambers, half expecting to awaken and be back to the way she was before.

But morning came, and everything was the same, and Aloe found herself have a mild panic attack over how much had changed, and how quickly. They were happy changes - okay, mostly happy - okay, at the least, what had happened when she put the crown on was nice - but still, very overwhelming. She did what she often did when she needed to relax and quickly assembled something to wear, and while the results weren't fancy, they were supportive, and that was the big thing she needed at the moment.

She emerged in a simple gown, and heard Selythin's words, and exclaimed, "Yes! Absolutely, I would love to - I mean, for the good of the realm, let's do precisely that." She ducked back into her makeshift chambers, and then emerged in adventuring kit, and managed a smile. "Let the quest begin!"

Eovin says, "I should probably advise against this. You have responsibilities here. But I also think getting away from the stuffy palace is a good idea."

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