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(5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP

Steve Gorak

Selythin nods approvingly. "We should head south of the river, that is where the troll and oger said the portal was." Lookaing at his companions he adds solemnly "I am ready"

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After using some water craft to cross the river toward the southern hills, Queen Aloe and a small entourage of fey-folk (half a dozen satyrs), accompanied by Lord Protector Selythin and Grand Vizier Eovin in the air, rode in the direction of some distant mountains.

The ogre and troll had been encountered previously in the general vicinity. The large-scale bleachers that had been stacked next to the river facing the castle had long been dismantled. The scorch marks from the previous battle between the fairies and Chaos beasts were slowly disappearing too, although some signs of the violence remained.

The ogre and troll were, of course, no where to be seen.

A small patch of forest lie nearby to the west. Hills lie to the south and beyond those hills tall mountains perhaps a multiple day ride away.

The castle was behind them on its island in the middle of the river.

Perhaps signs of where the ogre and troll disappeared to could be found in the area. Besides the ogre's brief mention, months previously, of a nearby portal, the royal trio were at a loss for exactly how to proceed.

(Go ahead and give me a perception or investigation check if you search the area. You have advantage on your roll of you're flying.)

(Again, sorry for the delay. I'll try to be quicker as we move into this next section. Thank you all for sticking with the game. We've had multiple times the whole thing could've fallen apart, but you guys stuck it out. High fives all around!)

* * *

Steve Gorak

Again, Selythin tolerated the fey folk that came along. They were well intentioned and wanted to accompany their queen, but he doubted their effectiveness should violence occur.

He flew several circles around the groups to find any clues to the portal's whereabouts.



As soon as she was relatively alone with the others, Aloe's poise cracked, and she exhaled a shuddering breath.

"Gods above, I was a tailor two weeks ago and now everyone's calling me the queen! And I was, uh - I'm not complaining, but - " She rubbed her temples, the crown feeling heavier than normal. "I thought I was someone I'm not and - and I barely had time to even adjust to those changes before everyone started telling me who I really was and - "

She took a breath.

"I just needed to do something with you all. I'm sorry if I dragged you along. I just needed to - I - "

She quieted herself, and looked over the area.

Investigation: 1D20+2 = [1]+2 = 3
Aloe is too distracted by everything she's getting off her chest to be of much use!

"As your advisor, I fear I must warn you." Eovin says. "Soon, people of the court are going to start whispers, wondering about when you will secure an heir. I know you haven't given it a thought and I'm not suggesting that you worry about it just yet. But be warned, the whispers will start soon."


"... an heir?" Aloe turns beet red, and coughs. "I... don't... can I just point at someone and say 'that's the heir,' or do I have to go through - ugh." She makes a face.

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