D&D 5E 5e Halcyon Academy

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Those who's blood indicated you are Arcane Positive may have it awakened if you want.
Jordy pipes up, "I don't think mine needs to be awakened, it's been doing things ever since..." he trails off and looks down for a moment before continuing, "I think that's why I was sent here - to learn to control it. This, " he holds up his wand, "is holding it in for now, like a cork in a bottle, but I'm feeling a...kind of pressure behind my eyes. And it's getting stronger."


Mim soars through the air, the wind beneath his flightless wings as he plumets to the ground. His fall is slowed, so that he feels in no danger of hitting at terminal velocity. In fact, from this height, he could angel himself enough to leave the city before he hit!

Beside him, a figure appeared, and when glancing that way, Mim saw the man, his red hair whipping wildly, a broad grin on his face. He looks at Mim and winks, then shoots forward, toward the ground. [/sblock]

Raven lifted her eyebrow. "It's possible. They say you need to experience something traumatic in order to awaken the power. Go to Professor Haught at the School of the Arcane, she can have you tested to see if that's the case."


Zivar sips his drink and listens to Raven.

He nods as the others thank him for his help adding his own voice to the group for that.

"I still think I am going to go to the school of Arcane. I'm glad I made it in and hope to become a wizard."

He thinks for a moment.

"Raven, What school are you in? Can you tell us what your final exam was like? Or is that not allowed? Sorry... I often ask too many questions."


Mim lands and takes a second to gather himself. Pulling out Barnabus he squeeks(remember we cab fly out the city this way.... stairs to long.)

Content with his thoughts Mim looks around for the flying man with red hair, a grin plastering his face as if he just got laid for the first time.


Next to mim, the red haired man stood, laughing.

"Seems you enjoy that as much as I do," he said. "Not many enjoy a freefall from that high. Are you new here?"

In the bar, Raven answered, "I'm in the School of the Immortal. My father is the headmaster of it, so I didn't have much choice. It's where you go to learn how to control your own body and mind. They have you do mental and physical exercises, meant to help center you and tap into the power within your own mind and soul.

"As for the final test, that depends. Sometimes they'll put you on one of the outlying islands and have you survive, or they'll let you explore some abandoned ruins. Those are fun, cause you can often find interesting things there, and you get to keep what you get. A few times, they just pit you against some of the other students, but that's pretty rare. The point is to use what you've learned and prove you can solve problems. In the end, that's what they're teaching you. All the skills are just tools to solve problems."


"Fly I dream to fly" Mim fiddles with the ring."Just arrived, how did you not go splat?" Mim punctuates the word splat with the sound of something moist hitting something hard"This is Barnabus, lord Barnabus." Mim says offering the mouse up.

"I want to become better at protecting and leading my ship. In my mind, fighting off pirates was the way to go with some focus on my ability to control water. But it seems holy warrior might be more up my alley if school headmasters are to be believed." Quentin says as he sips his wine.
"I'll have to think long and hard on what my way should be. Is there any schedule to lessons, can one miss one class because he was listening to the other?"


The red haired man bowed to Barnabus in greeting. "I am Headmaster Liam Ó Suileabháin, Lord Barnabus. To answer your question, learning to control the winds was one of the first things I learned long, long ago. I have loved flying ever since. If it is your dream to fly, then you are in the right place. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, though many require years of study. If you are determined, then you, too, will be able to do this."

He reached out and touched Mim, and Mim felt himself grow lighter, as if his body were weightless. More, he felt he could control his movements in the air. He felt he was...flying?

"It'll only last ten minutes, but go, have fun. If you want more, come back. You'll find me on Main Street."

OOC: Liam Ó Suileabháin cast Fly on Mim. For the next ten minutes, he has a flying speed of 60 feet.


After a short nap and with food in his belly, Grody felt much better. He gathered and inventoried his belongings and then slunk out of his little closet. He remembered something one of the others said about meeting at a tavern so he wandered down to Main street and then down the street until he came upon Jaques'.

Upon seeing a couple of 'semi'-familiar faces he headed to it but hauled up just short of actually entering. Suddenly looking unsure of himself. He stood there despondently, trying to will himself inside.

Squirrels are evil!

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