[5e] "Into The Woods" Horror one-shot. [FULL][OOC]

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Okay, we've got four. that's enough to make a go of it. Please post characters as soon as you can. Use, PDF or plain text here, if there is a off-site sheet you like for your own use, go for it.
Here is a sample text sheet you can use if you like. Bonus If you are feeling creative, include a brief description of one of your adventures. I'll get a Rogues Gallery up ASAP.
Race/ Class:



Armor Class
Hit Points

Saving Throws
, Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha






Bonus Actions




Hair Eyes Skin Tone Height Weight Age





Background Story:

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Albrecht Wellbottom, Mountain Dwarf Lore Bard 4


Battleaxe: 1d20+6, magical slashing damage 1d8+4 or 1d10+4 (versatile)
AC 16, 39hp, 30’ move, 60’ darkvision, init +2 (advantage, no surprise)

Strength 18 (+4) [15+2race+1feat]
Dexterity 14 (+2, save +4))
Constitution 18 (+4) [16+2race] (advantage vs. poison, poison resistance]
Intelligence 11 (+0)
Wisdom 13 (+1)
Charisma 9 (-1, save +1)

Hit points: 39 (4d8)
AC: 16
Size: M
Speed: 30
Darkvision 60’
Initiative: +2 (advantage, no surprise with axe)
Prof. Bonus: +2

Skills: Sleight of Hand, Nature, Investigation, Stealth, Perception, Athletics, Animal Handling, Survival, Acrobatics
Weapon proficiencies: Dwarven weapons, simple weapons, hand crossbows, long/short sword, rapier.
Armor proficiencies: Light, Medium
Other Proficiencies: Land Vehicles, Water Vehicles, Mason’s tools, Pipes, Drum, Lyre
Languages: Common, Dwarvish

Bard abilities:
Spellcasting: 3 cantrips, 7 spells known. Slots: 4/3. (save 9, mod -1)
Ritual casting, musical instrument may be a focus.
Spells Known:
  • Cantrips: Mending, Minor Illusion, Prestidigitation
  • Level 1: Unseen Servant®, Cure Wounds (1d8-1), Comprehend Languages®, Speak With Animals®, Detect Magic®,
  • Level 2: Heat Metal, Calm Emotions
Bardic Inspiration (d6): 1/long rest, either:
  • Use Bonus action to give die to another within 60’ to add to attack, ability check, or save (to be used within 10 mins).
  • Cutting words: or Use Reaction to use die to subtract from another creature’s attack, ability check or damage roll.ack of Trades: add half prof. bonus (+1) to any nonproficient ability check (included below)Song of Rest (d6): during short rest friendly creature regain extra 1d6 hp
Expertise (2 skills, underlined below)

Racial abilities:
Dwarven resilience: Advantage on saves vs. poison, poison resistance.
Stonecunning: add double proficiency to History checks on origin of stonecutting.

Background abilities:
Folk Hero (subbing boats for toolkit): Rustic Hospitality

Squat Nimbleness (XGTE: +1 Str, +5’ move, Acrobatic prof., advantage to escape grapple)

+4 (dex) Acrobatics
+3 (wis) Animal Handling

+1 (int) Arcana
+8 (str) Athletics (advantage on escape from grapples)
0 (cha) Deception
+1 (int) History (+4 on history of stone)
+2 (wis) Insight
0 (cha) Intimidation
+2 (int) Investigation
+2 (wis) Medicine
+2 (int) Nature
+3 (wis) Perception

0 (cha) Performance
0 (cha) Persuasion
1 (int) Religion
+4 (dex) Sleight of Hand
+6 (dex) Stealth
+3 (wis) Survival
Component pouch
Explorer’s Pack
Smith’s Tools
Glint. Battleaxe of Warning. 1d8 slashing (versatile 1d10) (4lbs)
  • Advantage on initiative
  • Me and allies within 30’ can’t be surprised (except when incapacitated)
  • Awakens me and allies if sleeping when combat begins.
  • Minor property: Beacon: bonus action to turn on/off bright light 10’, dim light another 10’
Albrecht was drinking when he was told that Wellbottom is a name that was given to criminals, or to their bastard offspring, which might be a reasonable inference in any case, since his mother had never talked about his father. So Albrecht was drinking and was feeling bad that after decades of training he still could not carry a tune, even if he had by then learned a fair amount of practical magic. He was therefore in an ideal mental state when he heard the Fortnam River bridge had finally been completed, a waste of money that put the ferryman out of business, and so Albrecht decided he was going to steal it.

Stealing a bridge is not an easy thing to do, and certainly not when you do so brick by brick over the course of sixteen years. But Albrecht was a patient dwarf, and he was determined. The first stones were easy to take, but a sentry was posted in the second year and that slowed him down considerably. Still, he persisted, and wagons could no longer cross the bridge in year six. Repairs never lasted, and mortar never set. No one suspected Albrecht, though they might have done since his music never got any better. In year eleven what remained of the bridge, the magnificent central arch, was fenced off, and a permanent guardpost erected. And every day, another brick would still disappear. Five years later, the Fortnam River bridge was gone.

He was given Glint, his battleaxe, in the ninth year, by a paladin investigator brought in to solve the case. After various inquiries, the paladin chose to see the theft as noble if ultimately pointless resistance against an oppressive overlord. It was an extravagant gift, left for him by name at the same tavern where Albrecht had made his decision years before. Albrecht has kept it close by him ever since.

Though he had been arrested from time to time on nights he was sloppy, Albrecht was never caught red-handed (the dust from the brick notoriously left its mark on any who touched it), and in truth most inhabitants of the area had been similarly held at various times. Many people were suspected, but those that bet on the dwarf happened to be correct. They’d buy him drinks and sometimes cover his meal, as long as he didn’t sing. Albrecht lost a small sum betting on someone else, as it turned out.
This is my take at a low-Charisma Bard, which I have been wanting to try for a while.
Link to rolls: Stats: CoyoteCode Dice Roller, Minor Ability for Axe CoyoteCode Dice Roller.
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
I love Albrecht!

And I was just considering my firbolg to be a former city (town?) watchman. Looks like a great friendship where my fellow refuses to believe Albrecht did any such thing. Interested? ;)


Are you full up?

If not, I am thinking of a Shadow Sorcerer (creepy little girl who survived a pan-dimensional protrusion from the Shadowfell) with the Haunted one background?


I'm thinking of creating a character around the little used "Mage Slayer" feat, and making him something of an Inquisitor. Not the Rogue, but an actual Inquisitor, who dedicates himself to battling those who would use magic to hurt others. As such, he has actually learned some magic himself, so that he can be better able to fight them.

I'm considering being an Eldritch Knight with that feat. Not sure about the race, yet. Part of me wants to make an Earth Genasi and take a lot of Earth Elemental spells like Move Earth and Earth Tremor. Those spells make Difficult Terrain out of the ground, and Earth Genasi can walk right through it. Lots of synergy there.

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