[5e] "Into The Woods" Horror one-shot. [FULL][OOC]


At the end of your last mission you received a summons from the local hedge-wizard, Mertrand Owlkeep. Apparently his most recent apprentice went into a local woods to gather spell components and has not returned. That was over two weeks ago. Mertrand tells you that the local woods are rumored to be haunted but that has never been proven. He asks for a band of stalwart and brave companions to go into the woods and try to find his lost apprentice. Are you brave enough?
OOC: this is a published adventure. If you've read it or played it, please separate player knowledge from character knowledge as best as possible

  • No specific character gen.
  • Sources may include any work published by WOTC as long as you include specifics for the feature(s) you're using (mostly because I only have the main 3).
  • Standard encumbrance rules apply except ignore coin weight.
  • Mostly generic fantasy setting.
  • You're fourth level (minimum). You'd have decent armor and weapons. ONE uncommon magic item OR up to 5 healing potions.
OOC [5e] "Into The Woods" Horror one-shot. [FULL][OOC]
RG [5e] Into the Woods {RG}
IC Into the Woods
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Sounds interesting, and with the staying in, I could use another game. :)

Do you have any preferences for character generation (core-only or all wotc books? point buy or rolling? equipment?) that we should keep in mind?

Also, is this a generic fantasy setting, or a specific one?


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Alright, so here are a few ideas I have for characters, depending on other players.

Firbolg (VGtM) battlemaster fighter or shadow monk who is actually scared of nature.

Elf fighter (archer) or cleric with a twist I haven’t figured out yet.

Halfling warlock of the Fiend or the Great Old One, who is too polite and friendly for comfort.

Kenku (VGtM) wizard who is excellent at learning new spells but unable to use them creatively.

Let me know if there’s anything that may not fit the horror theme, and I’ll skip that while I figure out which concept I want...


I love the Firbolg idea. I dont know how well it would work given the idea of headed into a potentially haunted forest. And yet. Its great.


I could stand a one shot. I've been wanting to play a Greatsword Wielding front liner for a while. I just gotta decide if I want to do Fighter or Paladin. Probably a Fighter, but I'll think about it. I've always grown bored with my fighters, but I've been meaning to try to get over that. I suppose I could do an Eldritch Knight to give him some magical flair. I'll think about it.

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