D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Subclasses (Part VIII: Mystic, aka Psion)

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Okay looks like from 182 to 183 something went awry, but 184 fixed it.

Tragically, no change in result. The worst one wins again.

Mind of tempest

(he/him)advocate for 5e psionics
Genuine question (for you and others): Is your problem with the Nomad that you find its name dull, or that you find its mechanics poor?

Because if voting were based around the name my choices would have been quite a bit different. Nomad is, as you say, a dull name. (Though is "Fighter" any better? Everyone "fights" in D&D!) But the mechanics are better and more interesting than most of the other options available here, without stepping on the toes of other classes like Wu Jen does.
I dislike it out of too much conceptual overlap with summoner some niche partitioning in concept is useful.

and yes the immortal won I am happy.


The High Aldwin
Eastern US time, one at 11 something, and one right as my watch showed midnight.


That is what I saw and I figured was the case.

Personally, I think the rule should include a "you cannot vote twice within 12 hours" (along with the just one vote per calendar day), that way everyone can tell you didn't vote twice that day.

It is sort of sneaky IMO, but hey... guilty (myself) in past Survivors LOL! :D

(Looks like there were a lot of people waiting for midnight eastern).
Yeah, I had a later morning than normal and finished a movie about 11:55, so I thought I might as well wait up and vote after midnight. 🤷‍♂️


The High Aldwin
Nobody would abuse the "one vote per calendar day" rule, right? That would be dishonorable, and we are all honorable gamers here.
I've seen it happen in the past... but I like to believe people when they say they "forgot" they had voted earlier. 🤷‍♂️

Most the time, it is just the time zone thing.

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